Etude House Mascara Remover

Aloha! I still have time to do a post today before our weekend escapades officially start. I’m starting it out by attending a choir practice. The last time I did that was way way back years ago. And now the choir members of our humble village chapel, are now mommy blogger (me!), doctors, and corporate career wahm’s. Anyway, on with the show, I had time to use the Mascara Remover I got as a complimentary gift with purchase from my recent Etude House retail therapy.

It’s the shaken mixture of the product. Because, it’s half clear (water) and oil based. If unshaken, you’ll clearly see the mixtures separating. ย Notice that it’s another beach babe there! ;-D So pretty.ย 
Yes, it’s this look again from this post. I love this candid effect shot, which I took myself. ;-D
Here’s my eye make up with that. It’s a brown color theme, with eyeliners, mascara, et al.ย 
One cotton pad for each eye. It cleans the entire eye are for about five gentle sweeps.ย 
All gone! ;-D

What’s to โค?

  • It works. ;-D
  • I got the 25ml trial pack, the commercial size is at 80ml for Php198. Not bad at all.ย 
  • I read that when you remove mascara, you use a cotton swab, and just use it on the lashes. I’ll probably go with that way, if I’m using a super pricey line, that I have to use it in moderation. But with the price of this, I’m happy to use it all over my eye area. No frills, my kind of thing.ย 
  • Slightly scented.ย 
  • After finishing off with the facial cleanser, it doesn’t leave any greasy feel on the eye area.ย 
  • Best part, no stinging, and eye irritations, which is my foremost concern.
  • I’m actually keeping the small bottle to refill it when I get my full size, because it’s very handy and great for traveling.
What’s not toย โค?
  • So far, none. ;-D
Overall, I don’t have to worry anymore about getting creative, practice then erase, on my eye makeup’s. Will I repurchase? Definitely! โœŒ


  1. I love this mascara remover from Etude House, i'm actually researching for the ingredients of this because after 2 weeks of using it (I use mascara almost everyday) I noticed that my lashes got thicker. Ill definitely buy this one too when i ran out! ^_^


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