I can’t help falling in Love with FitFlop! ;-D

April 28, 2011…I wrote, I wish for a FitFlop™ Hooper in Toffee Tan. It took a while, but yayy, another wish come true! I’ve been raving about FitFlop™ ever since I took hold of my first Walkstar in Bronze/Pink, which by the way earned me a matching FitFlop™ pedometer by joining a writing contest. ;-D Although, I retired that pair, and now serves as my everyday walking companion. I can’t help but want to hoard more of them since they’re actively launching different designs. Since my hubby is buying, I need to stick to the classic designs, no flowers, and minimal blings. I’m happy to oblige. Hence, for the Positano that I got last time.

My New Love…FitFlop™ Hooper in Toffee Tan Php 4495. ;-D

 I’ve been dilly dallying getting my next pair, because, they’re a bit pricey! I feel like I’m choosing a Louis Vuitton’s over something… I get a pair or get 4 pairs of something instead, but finally, I gave in. And it’s one of the wisest buys ever, because once we went home, I got an ill-timed wound on my ankle. The klutz me got one of my foot caught up on my parents’ kitchen screen door. It looks a bit like this…

Not to gross you out, I used the Instagram effect. OUCH!!!

Imagine getting blisters at the ankle, how it could ruin an event, because your feet are killing you, but still grateful that at least you can SOS Dr. Scholl. I’m doomed! It’s my first major wound after 10 years maybe. I almost had myself injected with Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine, but gladly my Dr. friend assured me that my pregnancy Tetanus shots are still valid. Also, I remembered that I went into another surgery at The Medical City three years ago for Tonsillectomy, so regardless it’s 5 years or 7 years prescription period, my anti-tetanus shots are still active. So far, so good. I’m walking. I’m sure it would leave a scar, so I’m hoping to get hold of the proven anti-scar serum in the market once it healed. To date, it’s still not. I’m still bathing it with Betadine.

Since, I need to give my ever reliable Positano a break, now I can’t wear a footwear with a strap, I found the perfect purse to match my Hooper, my unearthed Gucci! ;-D

And here’s why I love the FitFlop™, for the mean time, I’m using my new Hooper pair as my makeshift house slippers. Because the wound is located along the creases of my ankle, so I can’t really immobilize the wound area. I noticed when I walk with the FitFlop instead, the pressure and the weight from the ankle lessens, so I can actually walk without limping. Yes, the FitFlop™ Microwobbleboard Technology is doing its share.  Hmmm, it’s bittersweet moment for me, but anyway, if life throws me lemon, I’ll have to make the best lemonade, methinks! So yes, I hope to be as fashionable with my FitFlop™ Hooper. I love. 😀

While we’re at it, please like the FB Page of FitFlop Philippines, since they’re going after 160,000 fans by August 12 so they can raffle off 10 pairs of Walkstar Bronze. I so want another pair. ✌ And please remember to like Chic & Sassy Homemaker on FB, for exclusive previews on promos, giveaways, parties, events, and more pretty things. ;-D


  1. slippers look really nice and it paired really well with the bag! I hope to \”uto\” my hubby very soon to buy me a pair too. lol :)Oh and I'm signing a different blog today. Started it two weeks ago. Got inspired with your momblog here. lol. I just hope I can keep with two blogs with baby/work and all :)cheers! :)~gie of popularbookreviews 🙂


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