Unearthing Vintage Bags ;-D

“It’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel!” Satchels, sling bags, man purse, and what have you are so back. Again, I’m not a bag expert, but if having four Coach bags as gifts already, didn’t keep me from shopping four more of them, then yes, I’m a tad bag-a-holic too. ;-D But I never ever did (yet) make myself, when I had the luxury then, indulge in a Louis Vuitton Purse. I guess, there’s still the stingy me that wanted to go for quantity instead.

Another Louis Bag! Louis is such a lucky guy, methinks! One can’t help falling in love with them! ;-D Source: Official Site

When it comes to Korean Dramas, I guess life imitates art, so imagine my amusement when for the three recent dramas I’m watching (Lie to Me, You’ve Fallen For Me, and Scent of a Woman), I noticed that they’re either wearing satchels or sling bags.

Yoon Euh Hye in Lie to Me with a Louis Quatorze Bag! I *heart*! ;-D Source: YoonEuhHye.Net
Satchels are love since they’re both pretty and functional. I love using them, if you’ll see my travel pictures, I always prefer to bring them because they keep my hands free, while wearing them securely within my line of vision.Β 
Park Shin Hye in You’ve Fallen For Me with Various Satchels/Sling Bags. Nice! ;-D
And then there’s also the Alexa Mulberry Satchel Bag craze, which sells for $1300++. Source: Official Site

Since, it’s as pricey as the LV’s, I’m instead eyeing a Cambridge Satchel, which sells for about $120 up. This one is pretty realistic to yours truly. I already asked a friend, who is based in Europe to check them out. If ever, I wanted to get one online, because there’s an option to personalize it. D.E.S. Looks mighty fine to me. ;-D

Size 11 Classic Cambridge SatchelΒ Source: Official Site

So yes, I’m about to immerse myself with the satchels/sling bags craze. Or perhaps consider myself getting a Prada Nylon Messenger Bag, if the price is right. *LoL Well almost! Because it seemed I don’t have to look far, because I already have quite a few of them sitting in our storage.

And so bring on the heirlooms… ;-D

My mom after agreeing that sling bags are back, she unearthed her dearest Vintage Gucci Sling Bag (1980’s). Super nice! I feel like I’m handed down a family heirloom. ;-D
Parade of Β Leather Vintage Bags…Valleverde Black, Top Handle Sling Bag Liz Claiborne, (Half-shown) Envelope sling Bag Liz Claiborne, All leather Coach Blue Satchel. ;-D

These four vintage bags were hand me downs by my aunt who decided to pull a Vilma Santos stunt ala “In My Life”, by stashing different Louis Vuitton’s for herself. So now, lucky me instead. ;-D

I got this last time…1 of the 4 personal Coach buys πŸ˜‰ Β 

And also the Primrose Accessorize bag that I got last time. So yes, I’m excited to try out all these cutie pies. ;-D Hmmm, where to go?

Bag Love πŸ˜€

Visit their Official Sites:


  1. Hi Ms. Des nice bags you got there! i only have 1 coach bag and a gucci bag from my mom in law and the rest are satchels bag which i won from blog giveaways πŸ˜€


  2. Glad you love satchels, right now at retrosatchels.com there is a pre-xmas offer, get 10% off any satchel with the code 86N Happy shopping1 πŸ™‚


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