Etude House Blue Crack over VIP Girl Darling Nails

I was a bit intrigued about the Crack Nails craze, so I made sure to pitch one in my recent Etude House haul. Oh my! So pretty…

I recently added the Etude VIP Girl Nail Polish Lines (Pink Cover) in my growing penchant for nail paintings. Just to make it more up to date, I finally got the Crack in Blue Shade! Oh! I love! ;-D
Etude House Blue Crack Nail Color…chic & sassy! ;-D

I’m not really sure which base color to use, so I played multiple choice. Hmmm, which one is prettier?!

Etude House Blue Crack over Vip Girl BL505, Vip Girl PK012, Petit Nail Darling OR205, Petit Nail Darling PP904, The Pinky is painted with the Crack Nail Color in Blue. 

I painted my pinky with the Crack Nail Color by itself, so yes, curiosity got the cat. It didn’t crack! ;-D It seemed that the Crack will react to a base paint.

I think the Vip Girl BL505(1st) and the Petit Nail Darling PP904 (last) will leave a classic finish. For casual shades, matching the Crack to a pastel based colors will leave a more outgoing aura. ;-D

It’s my first time to use the Crack Nail Color, so here are some of my thoughts…

  • I used three coats for the base colors to get the even and flawless finish, except for the PP904, which can already leave a nice finish with just two coats. Maybe, if you’ll add the crack effect, it’s fine to just use two coats, so as not to create several layers, which will in turn can make the nail polish finish brittle. 
  • The Crack Nail Color truly and really dries fast, so you don’t have to regulate the applicator, you cannot put a layer of paint to another, so you have to be precise and to be swift when painting. I did a bit of “erasing” on the OR205, so the overall finish is thicker, but, I love how it left a heart shape effect. ;-D
  • Overall, creating Crack finish, is definitely my kind of thing, Because, the imperfections on my base colors applications are construed to be artistic effects. LoL. ;-D
I din’t like this at first, because I had to erase half of it, and reapply the base color, and very quickly add a second layer of the Crack Nail Color, the finish was a bit thicker, but then, that looks like a heart, methinks! ;-D So yes, I’m fine with it. ;-D
I used the Etude House Fresh Nailwash Safe as my handy nail polish remover/corrector. ;-D I super love the scent. I bought a matching bottle dispenser from Etude House, just to make dispensing easier and more accessible. I also plan to get some more bottles for my other nail care lines. And maybe for my Make Up Removers. ;-D

So what do you think, which do you think will look best as a matching Base Color for the Crack Effect? Or maybe I can always resort to the good’ol eeny, meeny, miny, moe?! ;-D


  1. Thanks Chinadoll! 🙂 True, that's a nice idea. Maybe, I'll try out some other brands. Even Sally Hansen has a Crack Line now. :)@Magzdc: I think so too! I just did my mom's nails with pink and blue crack. 🙂


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