Korean Soup Overload at Bongane Naengmyeon Restaurant ♨

I’m blessed to have a friend who would indulge me in my penchant for food trippings, let alone is game to explore more of the unfamiliar turfs of the Korean Cuisine. Few days ago, we braved trying out a Korean Soup House along the Korea Town in Angeles City. There were a lot of Korean diners, we’re actually the odd one out.

We came for the Cold Soup (Naengmyeon), which is recommended by his dad. Although, we wanted to order something familiar like samgyeopsal maybe, but apparently they only serve soups. Obviously, it’s a Soup House to begin with. 😀

Since this is something totally new to us, short for we were clueless, we decided to order one of each…

Mul Naengmyeon, which is literally a Cold Soup Php 200;-P. 

We got the not spicy variant of the soup. The only protein in the soup is the egg. It has veggies (radish and cucumbers mostly), and looong and thin noodles. It took a while to get the noodles to our soup bowls, so we realized that’s what the pair of scissors is for. Although I learned that it is discouraged to cut the noodles, since they symbolized longevity. Too bad, we had to. Maybe some other time . ;-D The soup tasted like a sweet, pickled cucumber soup. There’s actually a slimy (not in a bad way) consistency to the soup. It’s something new, but it’s loaded with carbohydrates, so I’m staying away from this until I shed some more of my unwanted pounds. ✌

Sundaeguk or Korean Sausage Soup Php 280 ;-D

The sundae, is actually a sausage or like Filipino’s version of longanisa, but the stuffings are different because they’re not only made of meat, but also glass noodles, vegetables, and spices. There’s about four of them in this bowl. The broth has milky color, but overall seems to be bland for my expectation. Aside from the sausages or sundae, pork slices are also in it. It reminded me of the broth used in making La-paz Batchoy, and you have to add your choice of condiments to make it more tasty.

These are the condiments served to us…sliced red and green peppers, shrimp/fish sauce, sesame powder, red pepper paste, salt and sliced red peppers, gojuchang…Oh! The intricacy of the Korean dipping sauce is fascinating. ;-D

We used the sesame powder in most of our soups. ;-D

And more soup…

Galbi tang or Korean Beef Short Ribs Soup Php 280 ;-D

This is the most familiar to our taste, it’s like galbijjim only with a soup, and so this is the one we devoured with gusto. ;-D

We were truly concerned with our pearly whites since we have to juggle between the hot and cold soups, and the cold side dishes as well. Anyhow, we let it passed, just for one time. ✌

Complimentary Korean Side Dishes…Kimchi love! ;-D

Obviously, we’re stuffed! The serving per order is good for two to three persons. It’s the first time that we actually had to box our food to go, even the side dishes, since we barely touched them. Since the soups are already loaded with veggies.

Korean Ads Wall Postings = Authentic Korean Feel. ;-D
Happy Much! ;-D Commercial: I’m wearing the new Avon BB Cream Light Shade.

Bongane Restaurant is along Clark Perimeter Road, Angeles City going to the Friendship Side Gate Clark Entrance. 


  1. Nice blog, I'm following you now and I hope you could follow me back too. Anyway ugh, I love korean food. I first tried it when I visited my family in New York, after that I was a fan of the korean cuisine. It was soooo good, I love kimchi.


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