Street Boy Got Talent Sings JB at Puregold Clark ;-D

I for one is a true believer that Pilipinas Got Talent. If only we have more opportunities to showcase them, and people in positions and power instead of endless bickering will focus more on improving welfare of the Filipinos, then I would blissfully say I’m happy to be home. 😀

I posted on several occasions that lucky us, duty free shops inside Clark are very accessible to us. When I think about it, aside from the duty free shopping, my family recognized that we can also get cheaper root crops, and home grown fruits and vegetables like the versatile Cardava Bananas (saging saba) from the local Aetas vendors.  Aside from selling, they also do other odd jobs (parking attendants etc.). Among them is this boy, who showed stellar potential that a group of lucky individuals witnessed and are now sharing to the world… ;-D

By the way, they also sell bamboo flutes, and it’s also amazing how they got the talent to play different songs.  It seems there are more reasons to do duty free hopping inside Clark… ;-D

I hope that this video becomes viral enough that this kid gets an opportunity to improve his and his family’s welfare. He’s not asking much to begin with, he just initially wanted an audience who’ll be willing to take the time to see what he got, and maybe sell a piece of his merchandise, usually for less than P100 ($2.5) max.

Video Credit: YouTube Account loryfelloctober26tub


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