Rustan’s and Thermos "Cooking for Health" with Chef Niño Laus

“Cooking for Health” was the theme of the Day 1 activity for the Rustan’s & Thermos’ Celebrating Health campaign held at the Grand Atrium of the Shangri-La Plaza. The Day 1 (July 30) product highlights are the Thermos Premium Stainless Cookwares, which Chef Niño Laus used with much gusto in his video cooking showcase. For the homemakers in attendance, like yours truly, the five recipes featuring Fusion Cuisine shared by him, ignited hope for potential culinary adventures. 

Featured Chef of the event, Chef Nino Laus of NINYO Fusion Restaurant, with event host Ms. Mary Viernes. Photo Credit: Official Thermos Ph FB Page
Mr. King Del Rosario, Thermos Head of Brand Marketing, giving his opening remarks. He also talked about the event and the whole experience on his site. ;-D 

Although, creating culinary masterpieces could just be second nature to gifted Chefs all over the world, for the average kitchen apprentice like yours truly, it could also take a great deal of effort. While skills and attitude play a big role to every artistic endeavors, having the right battle ammunition will help in having positive outcomes as well. It can pretty much influence how the game will be played. Did you ever burn your garlics while sautéing? (Guilty!) Did you overcook seafoods or vegetables? (I did!) Amidst your culinary fixation, you forgot to use the matching non-stick ladle for your non-stick coated cookware? ( I did!) To create both beautiful and nutritious dishes all at the same time, having a reliable cookwares could make the whole kitchen experience more pleasing and less traumatic. haha. ;-D

The Thermos brand boasts of its 5 Layer Cookware for superior cooking experience. Layers 1 & 5 are 18/10 High Quality Stainless Steel, Layers 2 & 4 are High Heat Conducting Aluminum Alloy, and Layer 3 is Aluminum Alloy. All those technical specifications simply meant that if these cookwares are good enough for a top caliber, professional chef with the likes of Chef Niño, then they’re truly something worth stashing. 

Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware…Woks, Casseroles, Frying Pans, Sauce Pans, Shuttle Chefs. ;-D Photo Credit: Official Thermos Ph FB Page

And some of the guests are actually lucky, they had a head start on their shopping spree, Thermos gave away 5 Cookwares, and other Thermos loots. Oh! Envy much! If only it was a “Bring Me” contest then I might have had the chance. haha. ;-D Seriously, I was playing demure, it’s my lost, big time!

The Thermos Foogo & Funtainers Lines will be the product highlight for the Day 2 with the theme “Growing up Healthy” .

Aside from the Premium Stainless Cookwares, here are some that made it on my Buy Me ASAP list…

Still part of the cookware, I’m intrigued by the Shuttle Chef.  I remember seeing one like this in a home TV shopping, I guess the Genuine Thermos Brand is the real deal. ;-D 
Thermos Fresh Lunch Box…I *heart* this! It reminds me of my Korean Dramas about Php 1400++. 😀
The Thermos Fresh Lunch Box comes with a handy insulated Carrying Pouch. Sweet! ;-D
I hope to get one for Chase when he goes to the big school. F3008 Thermos Funtainer Food Jars. ;-D
F4008 Thermos Funtainer Flask, a matching drinking flask to go with the food jar. Nice. ;-D

Anyway, even though, I’m seriously vexing myself for playing demure during the giveaway portions, so it means saving up big time for those cookwares and little kitchen time for me ✌, I’m still happy to take this home… Thank you Rustan’s and Thermos for having me. ✌ I would have wanted to make it to Day 2, but I’m back to mommy and wifey duties, Ate Jane (our helper) took the day off. Oh well…

ThermoCafe Travel Mug by Thermos ;-D Everyone gets to bring home one of this. Sweet! ;-D

The five Fusion Cuisine Recipes video presentation shared during the event can be found on the official FB Page of ThermosI especially want to challenge myself in being more creative in terms food presentation even to everyday meals. The mantra in food plating technique that I learned from their cooking video presentation… height, color, and texture. ✌

Remember my photo opportunity mishaps that I talked on my other prelude to this post, so I can’t really do much photo documentation of the glitz and glamor of the whole event, so please check out the official event photos here


  1. Thanks for coming to our event. I hope to see more of you in our future celebrations and in our Facebook and Twitter pages/accounts as well. Hope you can help spread a good word about the genuine Thermos brand. Thank you also for posting about your actual experience online without even getting any press kits (which I actually \”forgot\” to prepare with the rest of the genuine Thermos team.)Too bad you couldn't be on Day 2. We gave away Foogo vacuum flasks to all of the kids. Btw, I actually recognized you when you approached me. However, since I'm really baaaaad with names, I have to keep my mouth shut instead of saying yer name (or your blog) first. Mishaps also happen to me with names before even with the Thermos event.Keep in touch!


  2. Hi Mr. King, wow thanks for your novelized comment. Joke! 🙂 Seriously, your comment made my day, it's nice to be appreciated every now and then. I really feel bad for missing the Day 2. 😦 Sure, I tend to overload of things I love, I swear, if only I still had a baby/toddler, I'll hoard those FooGo lines. Yep, I'll stalk you on your twitter, and your FB too. And would love to spread the likes for your Thermos Ph Page. Best Regards!


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