Philips Salon Multistylist 10 in1:Curling Iron

Some of my friends were asking me if my new toy is worth it. I say, totally! ;-D Personally, for the hair straightener alone, Php 1400 is already a good deal. So for that price, you even get several curling irons to go with it. ;-D

While trying it out by myself, I have to say it just once… I miss my long hair! I want Gu Jun Pyo’s locks too! ✌

Circa 2007 (I think!) with my mom, and I rubbed elbows with Mr. Garci! ;-D

The curling irons, which come in several sizes, offer different curls. Since, I need to practice, timely though, my friend wanted to try it out herself. Β πŸ˜€

We used the large curling attachment. πŸ˜€

We’re supposed to create large ringlets…

Meet my model: Mommy Ata. Β She really has a straight & silky hair. ;-D
Voila! ;-D Her hair is so soft, that we had to use hairspray to set and to keep the curls in place. ;-D

Hmmm, envy much! ✌ Anyway, the curling iron tends to be so hot, so be very careful (reminder to myself!) ;-D I’ll share some more of my Philips Salon Multi-Stylist hairstyle adventures as I go along.

Here’s the video tutorial I found for that…sorry, it’s a foreign language. ;-D


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