The Face Shop Black Head Ex Charcoal Pore Strip

The Face Shop Black Head Ex Charcoal Nose Pore Strip ;-D

It’s Friday night, and I’m prettifying. ✌ With my hubby and son enjoying their improved internet connection, hence, better XBox playing experience for them, there’s really nothing much to do except to play around with my beauty gadgets. I chose to take care of my nose, my precious. ;-D

I wouldn’t dwell on the ins and outs of the nose pore care product, because I already novelized it in my Baviphat’s post.

Here’s how to apply The Face Shop Charcoal Pore Strip. ;-D


  • Apply it in on damp nose area, not wet. 
  • To get the maximum results, it is best to prep your pores to open up, by applying a damp warm towel to the nose area. 
White Heads? Present! 
Baviphat vs. The Face Shop’s Nose Pore Strip
  • The Face Shop is stickier, hence created a more vacuum feel. 
  • In effect, The Shop is more painful to remove. I pulled it very quickly, but I still got teary eyed. No pain, no gain! ;-D
  • I think that if only I would have found out earlier how to use the Baviphat’s, I would have gotten better results from the product, considering that it’s been a while since I treated my nose area. It’s just that I accidentally touch the outside part of the patch with wet hands while applying it, although I let it stay out longer to dry it out. So in the end, The Face Shop’s Ex Charcoal Pore Strip proved to be more effective. ;-D

Overall, given that we have The Face Shop stores in the area, I’m more inclined to invest on buying the product, and include it in my skin care regimen. 


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