Duty Free Shopping at Puregold Clark Pampanga ✌

Here’s another great source of retail therapy…Duty Free Shopping at Puregold Clark. ☺

Puregold Duty Free Clark offers great assortment of imported items at reasonable price! ;-D
Our Mother’s Day Sunday started out with a trip to Puregold Clark, since we need to replenish our multivitamins (Kirkland Multivitamins, Vitamin E & Fish Oil) and toiletries. I availed of the resident’s buying privilege of $100 a month limit by paying Php300 for a year’s privilege, just to save on paying the customs log out fee of Php20 and up depending on how much you buy.
My hubby and son’s favorite Dial Body Wash with Cranberry and Antioxidant Pearls. We ❤ the clean & soft feel. The scent is also so refreshingly great, and long lasting. 😀
Having visited most hypermarkets, and supermarkets in the States, I have a basis on price comparisons. Most fast moving items (toiletries, canned goods, chocolates, etc.) are relatively priced similarly as in the States, without coupons and Sale savings. The only higher priced items I noticed in Puregold, are the Charmin Tissues, and Kirkland Tissues, that’s why when my aunt send us goodies from the States, I request for dome Charmin Mega rolls as fillers. ;-D You can also visit Puregold in Subic to avoid paying the logout fees, which could go as high as Php100, but of course you have to pay the gas and the toll fees. So unless, it’s a planned trip to Subic for something else, I’m a happy camper in Puregold Clark.
Spam all you like! 😀 Spam is a lot cheaper (Php 89.50 last we visited) here versus local supermarkets. ;-D
There’s so much to see, so much to buy in Puregold Duty Free! ;-D The price point here is US dollars.  Sometimes, considering the exchange rate, it’s better to use dollar instead. Most of my monthly grocery shopping is here, since they also have local brands available. So, if you’re looking for some retail therapy, and have a time to spare to visit Pampanga, Clark is a great way to do some duty free shopping. ✌
Updated: April 27, 2015

Googling for the Puregold Duty Free Summer 2015 Sale schedule, head over to this post. ^_^  


  1. since when pa po nag start ung log out fees sa clark pampanga? ive been shopping there since college, wala pang ganun. meron na ba ngaun?


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