❤ My Mom’s Day 2011 Presents…Longchamp Planètes Handbag & iPad 2! ✌

Happy Mom’s Day to me! ;-D Remember my mom’s day wish list I wrote a few days back, I got totally more than those! I’m one blessed lady, a happy mom, and truly a lucky wife. My hubby is spoiling me big time! ;-P

A peek inside my new handbag, Coach Cosmetic Pouch x 2, and an iPad 2! Yeah Baby! ;-P

My hubby got me a surprise early mom’s day gift, and also so he wouldn’t have to get me a travel keepsake from his London trip, or more likely to appease me for not getting to go too! haha ;-D So I wasn’t really expecting him to get me a Longchamp purse! Although I was hoping that since most of his friends would be hoarding those for sure, he might just want to jump in too to the Longchamp craze! ✌ So when I went to pick him up last time, I was truly surprise that he got me one! Yay! 😀

I ❤ my new Planètes Handbag by Longchamp! 😀

He actually liked it than the Le Pliage lines, because of the thicker coated canvas of the Planètes Longchamp lines. It can actually stand by itself, without a need of a bag shaper or organizer. I want to keep my things organized by having two Coach Pouches, one as my cosmetic case, and the other for everything else. 😀 It’s still as lightweight, and as roomy as the Le Pliage, but it can’t be folded though, which is okay for me.

iPad 2!!! Yeah Baby! ❤❤❤

iPad 2 is a gift made in heaven, oh well next to my MacBook Pro! 😀 It’s actually like your modern day family computer. The several features appeals to all ages! First things first, we just have to get the Plants vs. Zombies application for Chase, and for us too. ;-D I love the iBooks, although there’s limited selections having an iTunes Philippines’s account. For my husband, he bought the NBA Gametime! Of course!!! 😀 We actually got the iPad Smart Cover, and the screen cover, although I still wanted to get a carry case for added protection on the back part. The FaceTime is also a great feature! 😀 I bought the FaceTime application for my MacBook too! ;-D


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