SkinFood Fresh Fruit Apricot Lip and Cheek Tin

Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Apricot 6g (Php 700++)

It’s all for my adoration of Skin Food that paved the way for my beauty blogging ventures. But I’m sorely disappointed in my lack of foresight in getting the Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek in Apricot shade.  For something that miniscule, about a size of a match box, this sells around Php 700 in the store. So when I read great reviews about it, and chance upon that it sells half the price online. I bought one. I was getting the Peach to replace my Red Earth lip and cheek pot. But sadly, they didn’t have the peach available so I was made to choose between pomegranate and apricot. Since I already have several red based lippies, I went for the Apricot.

Swatch of the Apricot Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek 

I’ll quickly mention the nice parts. It’s very handy. It’s a certified looker. ;-D The smell is so great. Even though it’s creme-based, it’s lightweight and non-greasy, even you apply it on the cheeks. The only hiccup is I got the wrong shade.

I’m wearing the SkinFood Apricot Lip & Cheek. 
The shade is so tone down, that it seems I’m not wearing any colors on my lips and cheeks.

Overall, I could have gotten this effect with just applying a lip balm. Talk about my savings! ;-D Thankfully, I tried it out a while back that I can actually get creative and get better effects if I layer it with my other lipstick shades. But I would still want to get another color, because I really love the packaging, the scent, and the lightweight formula, and of course the nourishing benefits of it, because it’s Skin Food. ✌


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