I can’t stop Accessorize-ing! ♛

While my boys can’t stop playing XBox every waking hour available to them (Chase earns a privilege every time he gets a “Good Job” sticker at school), I can’t seem to stop myself from thinking about the SALE announcements. ✌

I wanted to try something new, so I convinced my hubby to go instead to SM Pampanga. Because of the greater distance to cover the mall from end to end,  I sold the idea to my husband that I can earn more steps on my pedometer if we go there instead. Healthy maneuvering in action! ;-D The place was really jam packed, as in! I was beginning to miss Marquee Mall. And I’m already getting the “I told you so!” look from my hubby. So I asked him to give me 30 minutes.
It was a long walk to go to the other end. I was supposed to go to Etude House, but I was rushing and at the same time fighting my way through the crowd, I lost my momentum.  And then I saw the sign…70% off in Accessorize! I was so right not to overindulge the last time I visited the store, methinks! ;-D

With less than 15 minutes to shop, I got these…

Another set of Layered Elastic Bead Bracelets in Baby Pink & Blue still at 50% off ;-D 
 Heart Necklace still at 50% off! ;-D
Floral Lace Scarf now at 70% off! ;-D Wear it as a shawl wrap or just let it hang. ;-D
Or sweep the other end over the shoulder for more drama! ;-D
I love the added vintage effect of the scarf and the necklace. There’s so many pretty things to see, but my time’s up! ;-D Oh well, there’s always the next time. ✌


  1. Our sentiments exactly Mommy Wendy. 🙂 But all for the love of Etude House, I wanted to go there. haha 😉 It's been a while since we went there, I think months na. 🙂


  2. It's always crowded in SM Pamp and I hate going there, except for the times when I want to go to some shops that are not available in Clark or Marquee hihihi 🙂


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