Simple Mommy Makeup by Sarah Victor

Earlier today my FB page status is about my YouTube marathons of how to do make up by Sarah Victor. I’ve been occasionally checking on tutorials on make-ups, but it’s only yesterday that I went through several of them, and that’s when I subscribed to Sarah’s channel. She has around 75,000 subscribers. And watching her videos, makes me want to level up my skills. I love how she intricately and artistically does eye make up.

Gorgeous Eye Make Up by Sarah Victor πŸ˜€

Even as a child, I’ve been fascinated with palettes, lipsticks, and curls. (Yes! My mom used to practice her perming skills on us. ✌) Come to think of it, I probably had more opportunities to doll up when I was young, than in my college, corporate, and SAHM years combined. I’ve been a mainstay flower girl on weddings, and a season regular to Flores de Mayo. I started out as one of the AVE MARIA angels, then eventually reached the ranks of the Queens, and then to eventually retire. Β ;-D But I’ve been trying to play doll, every now and then. And I really wanted to improve on how I do eye makeup. I’m super excited to practice. And then this morning, Sarah just uploaded her recent and much requested tutorial, the Simple 5-Minute Make up. It’s totally my kind of thing!

Here’s how I usually do mine…

Eve of my 2010 Birthday πŸ˜€
New Year’s Eve. By the way, I love the Avon Lipstick that I’m wearing. ;-D
Product Review Final Photo ;-D
I love how she says that with limited time to do make up, it’s “not really about the eye makeup after all, it’s about the skin, and if you’re skin is glowing, young, and fresh, and the eye will reflect the same thing.”…very well said. ;-D


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