Turquoise Chandelier Necklace

Yesterday we did some window shopping at just two specific stores. ✌ Β Now, I’m all for incorporating planning and foresight in my retail therapy dictionary, that is reverberating the tune of my hubby (who’s super OC, by the way when it comes to following schedule when shopping). I wanted to look for scarfs that i can wear casually with my black tops. Hmmm, but even they’re on saleΒ they’re still kind of pricey. And then I saw this chandelier turquoise necklace sweetly calling out to me. I love Turquoise, the color and it being my birth stone. ;-D I also tried out the matching earrings, but I guess, it will be overkill.

Love at First Try! ;-D Turquoise Chandelier Necklace Php 675

While I’m elated with trying it out , I asked my friend to take a photo of me with it, because I wanted another necklace in Mango, just to weigh out my options. I was sort of taken aback when the SA told me that picture taking is not allowed. Since when?! I’m used to taking photos before, because I have to show my husband for the things that I wanted to buy (remember that I’m a SAHM! ;-P), and even if we’ll be buying items for my mom and sisters in law. Although, I might have asked for permissions before when I took the photos. But I probably got used to it, and since I blog, it’s pretty a second nature to be a photo junkie. I even mentioned that I might blog about it, they said it’s their new policy. Sorry, if I broke a policy, I wouldn’t want to get the SA’s in trouble. Dear Store Management, let it be known that I was warned diligently, but oops! ✌

On sale at Mango, Turquoise Necklace Php 1200++

This the other option I have for a Turquoise Necklace. It’s a long necklace with its chain made of cloth-like fabric. ;-D But it’s way too pricey for a fashion accessory for yours truly. Anyway, with the no photo fiasco, it gave me just the right reason to sour grape. Hmm, I just wan’t it, don’t need it anyway! ✌


  1. I'm always getting told off for taking photos. One time I was taking photos of a statue and I had security track me using CCTV cameras so they could question me 😦


  2. Oh hi John! I've been visiting your site too (English Wilderness :-). It sure calms me a bit to think that you're one professional photographer already, and taking photos is what you do best, and you still experienced that. 😦 One word…paranoia!


  3. I have the exact same problem with a few establishments. Sometimes I find it so much easier to ask permission first so there would be no embarassing problems later. =)


  4. this is off topic but when i saw the photos of the accessories i remembered visiting Kultura when i was there in the Philippines last week and they have gorgeous necklaces:-0


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