Mommy Patch Rescue Buddies

Mosquitoes be gone! All thanks to our new-found, two delightful rescue buddies, the Anti-Mosquito Mosquito & the Lavender Rescue Sticks from Mommy Patch™. These handy eye candies come with superior benefits not just for the kids, but also for moms, or to everyone.

Our Rescue Buddies…Mommy Patch Anti Mosquito and Lavender Rescue Sticks Php 195 @ 😀 

A friend of ours (Ate Tey), who is the authorized reseller for Angeles City, offered these products to us. We’ve been using them for almost three weeks now, and we’re loving them!

Meet Rescue Buddy No. 1: Anti-Mosquito Rescue Stick

Mommy Patch™ Anti-Mosquito Rescue Stick can last up to three weeks to a month if used daily. ;-D

The Mommy Patch™Anti-Mosquito Rescue Stick is infused with safe and effective insect repelling Citronella oil. It’s safe even for toddlers’ use.

How to Use: Dab to areas exposed to mosquitoes.  I dab it on both wrists , on pulse points! Or above the ankles, if they’re not covered. That’s where I usually applied it my son! 😀

I personally enjoy the citronella, or other minty, eucalyptus scent, so I don’t mind. But my son, has sort of aversion to the scent, he thinks it stings his eyes. So I discreetly apply it to his legs instead, and very lightly dab it on his pulse points. Since it’s no mess application, I get no complains.

Mommy Patch™ Anti-Mosquito Rescue Stick works like you have an invisible mosquito coil burning! ;-D

Oh yes, I still buy Baygon Mosquito Coil, and now it even has a floral scent variant. I light it when I cook on our outdoor kitchen (Yes, I do!). Because if I failed to light up one, I just officially opened the buffet for those pesky blood suckers. Thankfully to the Mommy Patch™,  I can just easily apply it, because it’s lightweight, non-greasy, and even economical. The best part is that it’s more environmentally friendly than the good’ol katol (mosquito coil). The patch does really works wonders! ;-D

Meet Rescue Buddy No. 2: Lavender Rescue Stick

Mommy Patch™ Lavender Rescue Stick…My son calls it the Magic Medicine! ;-D

It say’s to be all natural made from Lavender Essential Oil. Calming and Healing are just few of the several health benefits of lavender essential oil. So far, we’ve seen firsthand how it works like an anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic (anti-itch) ointment. It’s truly a better alternative to steroidal skin ointment, which is what we’ve been used to. It’s easy to apply, just dab it to the affected area/s. So far, we’ve only used in on insect bites (ant and mosquito) or any itchy rashes, but is is said that it can be truly an all around skin ointment for allergies, hives, burns, and a lot more. On the first application, the anti-itch effect is very noticeable. Depending on the gravity, you can still apply after a while, to boost the anti-inflammatory effect. So far, I applied it twice, that’s the most, after a while, the itching and the swelling will be gone. It’s that quick, like magic! ;-D I let my friend (Ninang Tel of Chase) try it out, and now she wants to get her own too! ;-D Super nice!

The innovative Mommy Patch is proudly a Filipina Mompreneur venture. Supermom indeed! ✌ And this is the part, I silently wish, I am too! 😀 To get your own rescue buddies, please visit the official page with the listed distributors on selected areas. For Metro Manila, it’s also available on Hobbes & Landes. 

P.S. I just recently installed Instagram on my iPad, I’m enjoying the features and the effect. Please bare with my photos. I’m exploring my creative side, or lack of. haha✌

Photo Credits: Official Mommy Patch Product Photos, from FB Photo Accounts of Ate Tey David-Feliciano. Thanks! 😀



  1. Hi Ceemee! ;D Almost, winner by default! haha 🙂 Since few lang nagjoin, haha 😉 But u missed one of the criteria, the required number of drops to me. ;D That's ok! 🙂 Thanks for the support! 🙂


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