Plants vs. Zombies Plush Toys

Plants vs. Zombies Sunflower Plush Toy 😀

Last weekend while we were hoping to watch Cars 2 only to find out, much to our disappointment that it will be shown on a later date of August 24, Chase saw these delightful Plants vs. Zombies Plush Toys as Major Prizes on one of the Time Zone Game Machine, which is located near the Marquee Mall Cinema. We ended up watching Green Lantern in 3D instead, but knowing him he’s just really eager to get a chance to play at Time Zone and hopefully win one of these plushies. ;-D The Plants vs. Zombies Plush Toys are showcased on the one that you’re suppose to stack up 3 blocks until you reached the top to win the major prize. I tried playing that before but I can only go as high as the minor prize. ;-D Since I love playing the game myself, I also would love to win them for him.

Plants vs. Zombies Pea Shooter Plush Toy 😀

While watching the movie, I sadly had to go to the restroom and Chase said he needed to go to, only to find out instead that he wanted to check out on the toys again. He noticed from afar that the Pea Shooter was gone. It meant someone won it for himself! He was disappointed to see it go, but his hopes are higher, that it’s possible to win them. Oh well! ;-D

Plants vs. Zombies Zombie Toy ;-D

After the movie, just to satisfy him, we let him try, for Php 50 credits, we were able to play 4 times. We all tried, but failed. ;-D Although, I made it the farthest by reaching the minor prize level, but since we’re going for the big win, I had to make it higher. But didn’t! I was challenged! Haha, I was so tempted to get some more credits, but I know I’ll probably get them cheaper somewhere instead of playing for it. But my, it took a lot of self-control to keep me from giving in. Haha! ;-D

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  1. this one is cute … my daughter who is 3 y/o loves to play plants vs zombies 🙂 Thanks for sharing some of your fave korean series 🙂 Will find time to watch them.


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