Etude House Petit Darling Nails ✌

I love to glam up once in a while! And there’s nothing like a handy array of nail polish selections to complete a great look. I feel! ;-D So I hoard, and I hope that I get to wear the shade at least three times before it dries up. Or I can always give it to our friendly neighborhood manicurista, Ate Fe, so she can add it to her selections, like I did very recently. ;-D Although, the home service nail care I avail includes the nail polish of choice from her classic color selections, the Etude House Nail Care lines are just so tempting to collect. I’m in need of refill. ✌

My Etude House Petit Darling Nails Loot at Php 98 @ except for the Clear…PP904, Clear, OR205 Tangerine Sherbet, WH701 HD ;-D
One of the great many thing about the Etude House Petit Darling Nail Lines is that they’re really not as pricey as the others. Also, the variety of sizes and colors would suit about anybody’s need and preference. They really are durable, and can withstand my clumsiness, much to my delight. ;-P I actually tried all the three colors over the past weeks, although I forgot to take pictures of them. I will post a picture of the Tangerine Sherbet once I redo my nails next week. It exudes cuteness and girliness to the highest level. Sunny happiness indeed! ☼ And of course, there’s nothing like a great nail color shade to complement my comfy Fitflop Positano. ;-D 
Etude House Petit Darling Nail Shade in PP904 ;-D
Or to bring a dash of color to my petit nails… ;-D
I couldn’t keep them long because they keep breaking before I even have my next manicure session!
It’s not often that I paint my hands since I tend to do things carelessly and I ended up having chip nails just after a day or so. So far, so good, they never fail me…they’re still alive. ✌ I just wish I can have my nails done again in Etude House’s very own Nail Salon. Oh well, until my next retail therapy…;-D

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  1. a new blog follower here! :)i so love etude house nail polishes. i'm thinking of buying more. what i do not like is the matte because it's harder to apply; but i love the color. or maybe it's just bec i'm just not that good in applying nail polishes. haha! anyway, will be anticipating for your next posts! ;)much love,http://gelleesh.blogspot.com


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