The Skin Shop BB Cream Extravaganza

The Reign of the Natural Korean Beauty… Meet the JQT of The Skin Shop. 😀

K-Dramas, K-Pop, and BB Cream mark the era of the Hallyu Wave. It’s about the love and fascination of everything about the Korean Culture. It is about the feats of the young, the brave, the bold, and the beautiful Koreans. This paves the way of life imitating art because suddenly, we all want to eat, to look, and to love the Korean way!

The Skin Shop Cosmetics, Specialized in B.B. Cream
Fall in love with one of the BB Cream offering of The Skin Shop 😀

At the center of it all is the natural beauty creation made possible by the BB Cream Craze. Blemish Balm Cream craze is of course courtesy of none other our Koreans unni’s (sisters).  BB Cream works both as a make up (used as a foundation, concealer), and as a skin care product (clears blemishes and helps improve overall skin appearance). These fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous! ;-P) looking BB Cream lines are all by The Skin Shop. A BB Cream is truly like the must have beauty product, and I can truly second the motion, being a user myself.  

The Skin Shop Premium Secret BB Cream and Recovery Solution Cream 😀

And so, being the Hallyu fanatic that I am, BB cream is it! ✌ I actually thought that I made a lasting love match with another BB Cream, until I got hold of these glittery skin care treats. I’m on the verge of rediscovering and redefining my love affair with BB Cream, so please join me again soon as I tell all on The Skin Shop Premium Secret BB Cream and Recovery Solution Cream with 90% Snail Slime Filtrate. My hopes are high given that they are from a highly regarded Beauty Magician, The Skin Shop. And then just maybe, as the brand story of The Skin Shop goes, in time, the “heroine of my life is not anyone but just myself.” I love it! ;-D

Get up close and personal with The Skin Shop by visiting the official site 😀

The Skin Shop is a South Korean based compony under IFManet Co., Ltd. It is a relatively young yet aggressive skin care company specializing BB Cream and Snail Cream. Founded in 2007, it’s now distributed in Hongkong, Japan, and now also available in Watsons Retail Stores in Thailand. It’s also exported in Taiwan, USA, Malaysia and USA. It also receives the necessary Quality Approval from the Korean Food & Drug Administration on Skin Whitening, Wrinkle Production and UV Rays Protection.

So if you’re like me and you want to start a great love affair with BB Cream, please check out the following sites:

Please drop me a comment, I would ❤ to know your story too. 😀

P.S. This is a post to introduce The Skin Shop as a company. This is an overview of their Product Portfolio, and not a review of the actual products. More information are available on the links provided above. This is my personal take on the company and on the products, hence the subjective remarks are all mine.  A separate post will be written for the product review of the two products taken by me (watermarked photo). This serves as my PostnJoy Entry and I may be eligible to receive compensation for this post.


  1. Hi Mommy Jes, not yet. I'm still trying out the product, before I'll make a review and video of the 2 products. 🙂 But so far, I'm on Day 4, and I'm no having breakouts, which is the usual worry on trying out a new product. 🙂


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