Excited for Disney Cars 2

My son is really looking forward on the return of Lightning McQueen so much that he was insisting that we watch the June 24 opening. Understandably, due to the bad weather, and since his dad was still out of town, we promised him that we’ll see it the next day. He was feeling the moment that he decided to gear up for it with his McQueen top, jacket, and necklace too. He even wanted to wear his McQueen Crocs but we decided otherwise since it’s still rainy that time. And then only to find out that Disney Cars 2 will not be shown here in the Philippines until sometime August 24. Oh my, it is that late!!!

Disney Cars 2 Philippine Showing is sometime August 24, 2011.Β 

Sadly, I didn’t check earlier because I thought that it’s like everything else on same date screening especially that Disney Cars 2 is a much awaited sequel. Β I even saw some FB status of my mommy friends about it. Oh well, it looks like they’re not from the Philippines. Sorry Chase! To console him, we ended up watching Green Lantern in 3D, and buying him a Disney Cars 2 toy instead.Β Okay, my learning…Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups!!!

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