It’s Back to School! ;-D

My Son, Chase, a Happy Prep Student at Preschoolville! ;-D

It’s Chase first day of school today! ;-D In a happy turn of events, he’s the one rushing me up. I had to drag myself out of bed because I pulled another all nighter in watching for the nth time my Korean Dramas (Save the Last Dance ✌). We made it just in time! ;-D

Preschoolville Learning Center Opens S.Y. 2011-2012
Preschooville Learning Center welcomes parents and students! ;-D
A creatively painted wall by the teachers of Preschoolville! ;-D

Way to go Preschoolville! ;-D The happy Preschoolvillers are growing in numbers by leaps and bounds! They have to open a mid-afternoon, second session for their Prep Class, and for the other levels as well. Chase is still taking the morning session. They’re setting the maximum class size for Prep at 10 students. I feel that it’s just about right to still enjoy an ample time for teacher-student interaction, while fostering more social interactions among classmates. It’s also a good way to prepare my son to transition to a bigger school next year. For the time being, we’re assured that Chase is up for a good ride for his Prep Level. We can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Cheers! ;-D

P.S. To the photo enthusiasts, please don’t shoot me. Sorry about the failed exposure and white balance of my photos. I hope to get them right the next time. Peace.

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