Etude House Hair Care Finds ❥

Every morning, at least until before I hit the showers, I’m having a bad hair day! My over a year old, left over highlights, after undergoing a semi-rebonding and coloring last summer are failing me. My hair ends are having major frizzy moments every morning. Hands down, my hair care type is dry and damaged. Not good! Although, my hair after a bath and fan drying, by some kind of a miracle, can still look normal, sleek, straight, and deceivingly healthy. I’m not ready to snip my hair off, so I’m doing all I can to save a trip to the salon.

Etude House Moist Hair Mist ❤ Php 200 ++

To totally get rid of the damaged area, I might have to cut off 4 inches long, and I’m not yet ready to dive in.  I’m trying all brands that I can get, and my not so recent additions were from Etude House. I’m a fan of the Etude House Moist Hair Mist.


  • Moisturizing mist supplies body and shine to limp and frail hair. 

How to use it? 

  • Directed as after shampoo cleansing and rinsing, blow dry hair, and spray directly to hair. Allow to set. 
  • I like to apply it when my hair is almost dry but still wet on the ends, I generously spray it on the ends, the problem area. And then I allow my hair to totally dry. 
  • I avoid applying it near the roots and scalp. It’s just up to the level of my ear. 
So what’s to ❤?
  • It does it share of keeping my hair that sleek, straight, shiny and healthy looking, well until before it caught on the humidity. 
  • It’s light weight without the greasy feel. 
  • I super love the lasting fresh, floral scent. Believe me, I appreciate the scent because only few shampoo lines can make the scent linger on my hair. I thinks it has something to do with my pH level neutralizing scents, if there is such a thing. The Hair Care Moist does the trick. I’m actually assured to exude a fresh scent all though out an event. 
  • This is my stop gap hair care line for the mean time. It does it’s share of taming the frizziness in the morning, but doesn’t really leave a lasting effect to totally get rid of the damaged area. That’s why I’m reinforcing it with a night leave on conditioner from another brand. 
Etude House Intensive Hair Maks Php 178
The mask is for single use. The scent is similar with the Moist Hair Mist, so it’s actually leaves an invigorating scent during and after application. 

Hair treatment essence and cap moisture improve hair health with nano-capsulated Ceramide and botanical extracts. Specially formulated to treat dry, damaged hair and scalp by balancing moisture and oil levels to promote healthy hair shine and texture. Ideal for perm or dye treated hair.

How to use it?

Comes with a “moisturized” head cap. 😀
  • After shampoo cleansing and rinsing, towel dry hair and apply the essence treatment.
  • Apply all over hair and scalp, massage to spread out evenly.
  • Put on the head cap. 
  • Massage to designated accupoints shown on the packaging for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Remove Cap, rinse hair thoroughly.
So what’s to ❤?
  • I love the scent. 
  • It’s more than your usual do it yourself hair spa, because of the added information on accupoints. So the d.i.y. massage is actually interesting to do. 
  • It does it share of leaving my hair soft, healthy and frizz-free, well at least for the time being. 
Overall, I know what my hair needs (a trim), but I’m delaying it, so I can’t really expect it to be a one time miracle treatment. I’m actually hoping it to be, but of course, it wasn’t the case, because after a few washes, and sleeping, my frizzy morning hair look is back with a vengeance. And being a massage junkie, I like to get the extra pampering from a therapist for a head/hair massage. I just have to add about Php 50 or Php 100 more, then I can enjoy a basic hair spa in the salon. But to save few hundreds to get an intensive treatment, I might actually have to buy at least 3 treatments for this so I can enjoy greater and lasting effects. Oh well, maybe next time. ;-D 


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