BLOWBAG Everyday! ✌

Since school is officially back, friendly reminder to me, “BLOWBAG” our trip before heading off to school!!!  It’s checking our car Breaks, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, Gasoline. ☺

Tires Check-up at the Gasoline Station! ;-D

I’m that type of gal who totally doesn’t have an intuition about cars, or anything mechanical. Sometimes I often regard my car as a wash and wear, little maintenance required. When my hubby, or friends, get to drive my car, it’s always those times that I learned that there is a funny sound on my car that needs checking up. So I’m eager to welcome guest drivers! ;-P

I ❤ Nitrogen for my tires. Nitrogen available at Shell Gasoline Stations. 😀

Sadly, I learned my lessons the hard way…overheating along EDSA, almost having a heart attack by running on an almost near empty tank on a rush hour traffic during a fieldwork with my bosses (whew!), and almost ruining my hubby’s precious rims by almost running on a flat tire. Well, those were the days, and I couldn’t risk it since given that I’m the designated school bus driver to my son. I can only gauge what is on my dashboard, and anything else is gibberish to me, I let the professional do part of the BLOWBAG. It pays to be on the safety side (again friendly reminder to me! ;-P). 

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