I Dream of TOMS! ✌

It’s been a while since I had a booster dose of my retail therapy, and for my next one, I’m compelled to be even charitable, I just have to do my share of “giving a pair of new shoes to a child in need”. I’m totally dreaming of TOMS. ;-D

I ❤ this TOMS! ;-D Black Crochet Women’s Classic Php 2900++

Thankfully Shoe Salon in Marquee Mall is now selling TOMS. I already tried them. The shoe fits just perfectly. ;-D I dream to have them real soon.✌


  1. @Russ: I'm sure she will. ;D We all love shoes! 😀 @ Pink Momma: You think so!? I'm saving up for them. They sure are comfy. I got a more expensive pairs of flats (Melissa), they're nice to have and to look at, but they can be uncomfortable most of the times. ;( But of course, I have that moment…for the love of shoes! ;D


  2. Hi! I'm going home this December in Manila. I now live in Vancouver. I like this crochet TOMS but I don't have size here anymore. I noticed this entry is from 2011, but would you happen to know if this is still available in Shoe Salon? I'm excited if there is! thanks!


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