Jang Ga Nae Korean Restaurant ♨ (Updated)

Annyeong Haseyo! ✌ Oh well, I’m happy to be back after a brief hiatus on my writing. Of course, my post has to be something that I really love…Korean Food Trip. ;-D Our must dine destination when we’re in Manila is our all time favorite Korean Restaurant, Minato in Ortigas Center. Oh my, happily, it became bigger, & better, and even changed its name to Jang Ga Nae. ✌

Diners are treated to more complimentary Korean Side Dishes! ;-D

I congratulated the ahjumma owner for the restaurant’s obvious success, and asked her what’s the change all about, she happily said that now Jang Ga Nae is a Korean term. I guess I have to ask her back what it really means because I can’t find it online. Haha…anyone knows what it means? ;-D

Updated: A Korean Ahjussi told me that Jang Ga Nae is like a Family of Jang Restaurant something. ;-D

Jang Ga Nae Korean Restaurant former Minato 😀

As always, we ordered our all time favorite Korean dishes, Samgyeopsal and Galbijjim. We were treated with more side dishes than the usual, for their classic side dishes, please check my previous Minato post…. I ❤ the complimentary mixed greens in sweet vinaigrette asian dressing. Best of all, it’s a dream come true again, kimchi pancake all I want. 😀

It’s a Full House, Baby! ;-D Thankfully, the service is still fast! 
New & Better Restaurant Ambiance at Jang Ga Nae. ;-D

Within minutes of our arrival, diners both Filipinos and Koreans filled the restaurant. The added exhausts,  serve both as decorative and functional fixtures. Happily, you don’t come out as”smoky scented” after dining. 😀

Updated: June 2012

Annyeong! We actually now live within walking distance to Jang Ga Nae, how nice! ;-D Anyhow, we eat here once every two weeks, at the minimum. Here are some more photos. ;-D

Kimchi Pancake as complementary side dish.
Korean Food Feast! ;-D We brought the whole family and our guests, about 20 of us, but not without prior reservation. 

Updated: April 2013

We still adore this place to bits. I have a new favorite dish to order…Ojinguh Bokum or Spicy Squid for Php 300/serving. #NomNomNom 

Here are some snapshots of a portion of the menu.

Jang Ga Nae (former Minato) Korean Restaurant is still located at 8137 Plaza‎. St. Josemaria Escriva Drive. San Antonio, Pasig, National Capital Region, Philippines


  1. How does the kimchi pancake taste like? We don't have that many korean resto and stores here in Cebu, too bad.


  2. I'll update my post with a photo of Kimchi Pancake asap. ;-D It's the kimchi cabbage leaves cut thinly. I make them myself, using a korean pancake mix. It taste more of a vegetable pancake than kimchi, it's less spicy. You can try d.i.y., with kimchi, cut the vegetables thinly, make a pancake mix, add salt and pepper to taste, then mix the it with the vegetables. And cook it like a usual pancake, the vegetable needs to be cut really thin so as not to make it bulge and allow even cooking on both sides. 🙂


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