Top May 2011 Entrecard Droppers ❥

Oh my! It’s been a while since I updated my posts, I’ve been sadly preoccupied with other things (like allergies, hives, UTI, muscle pains, my son’s cough and colds…tsk,tsk…it seems that my age and my sedentary lifestyle is catching up on me?! It’s high time to shape up! Please! ;-P) Anyway, I want to thank everyone for dropping the EC ❤! Forgive my apparent casual and relaxed dropper status for the recent week, besides my personal angst, my internet service provider is failing me big time!!! We are now exploring to change an ISP. I will make it up to you, promise! I’m also not doing my own ads for the meantime, because I’m saving my EC Credits for my coming 1st Blogversary. It seemed that there is actually a Give button on the side of every site profiles, for minimal EC Credits giving. Please let me know if anyone tried sending EC Credits via that button. Thanks. ;-D

To my dear droppers, I also have a dedicated blog list on my sidebar for your. Thanks again! ;-D See you at the Drop Zones! 😀 Joining Entrecard is by far one of the best move in building my readers’ reach. It’s simple, fun, and rewarding way to do blog hops. 😀

Dropper # of drops
Don’t Quit 28
Mumsy 27
the crazy suburban mom 21
Pinoy Teens 19
comatised 19
Lainy’s Musings 18
Namz Crypt 18
Mysterious World 18
Student Blogger 17
Grandma’s Goulash 17

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