Save your Precious Friendster Photos Now!

Friendster is shutting down to welcome a New Friendster Site that that will be focused on “fun & entertainment”! ;-D

A New Friendster Site is coming soon! Just in case you have some photos in Friendster that you haven’t uploaded yet to Facebook (Guilty!) or you don’t have soft copies of them anymore (Guilty Again!), but still want to keep them, today (NOW) is the time to finally revisit your good’ol Friendster account. Because tomorrow, May 31, 2011, it’s bye bye to the old Friendster, and welcome to the New Friendster Beta Version. The new changes will take effect right after. It means if you haven’t used their exporter, your photos, messages, comments, testimonials, blogs, etc. will be deleted!!! Only your list of friends will be preserved, and your basic profile information. And of course, your wallet and games details will still be there, as Friendster is moving towards to be a gaming and entertainment site methinks. The New Friendster Site is said to focus on “fun and entertainment”. ;-D

I’m linking only the official Friendster site, since the exporter will be on your homepage right away.  I’m done with mine, it’s about a 12mb file. ;-D Thankfully, the photos are there. The notes, messages, are just for safekeeping and reminiscing, I guess. ;-D

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