Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

Everybody, sing it… ♪MICKEY MOUSE! ♫, It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Come Inside, It’s Fun inside!..♪Isn’t Disney amazing? Mickey Mouse is such an all time lovable pal, and it’s twice the fun if you bring all his pals in one clubhouse party…Welcome to Dylan Blake’s First Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party. ;-D

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake
Mickey Mouse Cake and Disney Character Cupcakes ;-D
Lucky Baby, he had two Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cakes! ;-D
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party at Hacienda Royale San Fernando Clubhouse
Game Prizes, Mickey Mouse Loot Bags, Mickey Mouse Pinata, Popcorn Station. ;-D
Party Clowns ;-D
Guests are treated to unlimited servings of Nestle Ice Cream! Yay! ;-D Chase enjoying Nestle’s Kimy Krazy Banana Ice Cream! Yum! ;-D
Chase ❤ to Party! ;-D He’s showing off his hand painted snake tattoo, and running after the bubbles . ;-D
ChicSassyMom & Chase 😀

The food was great! ;-D Chase had a great time. As always, we ❤ to party! ;-D Please join us again on our next adventure. Cheers! ;-D

Shop Now for your Mickey Mouse Party Theme Supplies. ;-D


  1. great party!i love your mickey mouse cake and cupcakes.by the way, i added you to my blog roll. please add mine to yours, too.thanks.


  2. @Mommy Kay: Thanks! It sure was fun. Hmmm, I always tell my son and my hubby that we will not throw him a party, but we still ended up having one! …Will see how it goes on september for his 6th bday! Sabi namin, no party din! ;-D@Mommy Isha: Thanks for dropping by, I love your blog theme…I'm your newest follower! ;D


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