Samgyeopsal All I Want! ♨

Samgyeopsal a.k.a. Grilled Pork Belly! Yummy! :8)
Annyeonghaseyo!✌ Sharing with you one of my happiest buffet ever…Samgyeopsal to my heart’s delight! ;-D 
Kim’s Bob Korean Restaurant Iloilo across Robinson’s Place Iloilo along Quezon St.
Korean Grill Buffet at Kim’s Bob Restaurant available only during dinner. ;-D
Kim’s Bob is one of the few authentic Korean Restaurants remaining in the area. I had my fill of the side dishes and vegetables with unlimited refills as well. They even have pickled mango. On top of having meat overload, the doenjjang jjigae still had meat and real seafoods in it. That’s something, because normally, in more commercialized restaurants and today’s rising commodity prices, the doenjjang jjigae is all filled with tofu and vegetables. At the end, still sane and thinking about all those calories and triglycerides, I happily gave up on the feast. 😀 
Korean Side Dishes all I want @ Kim’s Bob 😀
Doenjang JJigae all I want too! Yummy! 😀

The other diners during our dinner were mostly Koreans. I love that added feel, the Korean drama obsessed me makes me feel that I belong. ✌ kekeke!:-D 
Korean Diners @ Kim’s Bob and Korean Mini-Grocery

This is actually a long overdue posting from our recent Iloilo Trip. Writing about this makes me want to head over to the nearest Korean restaurant nearby, Single Bungle. Sadly, although I can have kimchi as much as I want, I will always think about the Samgyeopsal buffet. Hmmm, our next Iloilo trip is for January 2012. Oh my! Truly, Iloilo is one great destination for a foodie like moi! For more of Iloilo’s flavorful experience, visit here. ;-D


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