FaceTime Honey! ;D

Oh hold on…my Mac is ringing! Nice eh!;-D I love how Apple just endlessly tempts us with great wonders and innovations, and our whole family is so into the craze. On my hubby’s recent London trip, to save on extravagant mobile roaming charges, he brought the iPad2 with him, so we can just do FaceTime since I have it on my MacBook too (for just $ 0.99, what’s not to love?! :-D). The whole application is just so dandy! āœŒ

The place to be… Apple Store in London! ;-D

It seemed that wifi zones doesn’t come cheap there, so thankfully a visit to the Apple Store in London gave him sort of a free pass to use the wifi access, so it’s basically FaceTime here, there, and everywhere. Yay! ;-D

Live streams of the Streets of London… thanks to Apple FaceTime! ā¤

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