ECPlaza Celebrates 15th Anniversary in the Global B2B Marketplace! ✌

EC Plaza celebrates 15 years of providing the best retail therapy online! ;-D

Imagine having unlimited access to wide array of great product innovations and selections worldwide, or imagine having your product being available to several distribution points and enjoying remarkable brand recognition worldwide… Possible? YES! EC Plaza does it! Being one of the leading Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace, EC Plaza makes it possible that the world could be within one’s reach! ;-D

15th Anniversary of Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace ECPlaza!
A million choices in the EC Plaza’s Portal to global trade marketplace. 😀

For 15 profitable years since 1996, EC Plaza continues to be as one of the most successful trading marketplace. EC Plaza hosts around 4 million trade offers! ;-P.

Sample EC Plaza Trade Offer. ❤ the boots, by the way! ;-D

Holding of its acclaimed position as the No.1 Leader in providing on and off inline service, proven expertise in export marketing, trade consulting, and other offline trade related services for SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprise), EC Plaza continues to build stronger and profitable partnerships to over a million (and growing) members. And for homemakers like me, it provides a bigger window of business opportunities, product comparisons, and a sophisticated perspective of the trade marketplace worldwide.

EC Plaza is a gateway to great innovations, and much more...

A Solar Power Car from a China Supplier listed under toys. Nice! ;-D
Disinfectant “Clean-i” Toy Doctor from a Korean Supplier. ;-D
EC Plaza has 38 ++ BB Creams Product Listing from Korean Supplier alone! Sweet! ;-D

EC Plaza is a home to great product offerings and unlimited access to several business opportunities. Be a part of EC Plaza’s access to worldwide network and high brand recognition.

Also part of EC Plaza’s offering is providing great value such as more business opportunities, cost saving ways, and convenience all throughout the trading experience! ;-D

As such, you can enjoy Basic Service of EC Plaza as a Free Member, or you can become a premium member for more competitive trade opportunities. Visit http://www.ecplaza.net for more details. 

Say YES Silver or better yet to YES Gold to get access to most extensive and advanced marketing solution packages, and more. ;-D

One of the main advantage of getting a premium membership is a easier access to international buyers. EC Plaza offers two YES premium membership schemes – YES Silver and YES Gold.  

Say YES Silver to EC Plaza. ;-D
Say YES Gold to EC Plaza. ;-D 

For bountiful 15 years, EC Plaza is committed to making their customers… 

“Never miss a good opportunity to meet your right buyers and new business opportunity through ECPlaza!”

Cheers to Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of ECPlaza! 😀

For more of EC Plaza, please visit the following sites.

ECPlaza Official Facebook Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/ecplaza
ECPlaza Official Twitterwww.twitter.com/ecplaza

ECPlaza Official LinkedIn Company Pagehttp://www.linkedin.com/company/ecplaza-network-inc-

ECPlaza Official YouTube Channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/ecplazadotnet

Product Photos and Membership Visuals Credits: Official ECPlaza Website


  1. Thanks Shana and Kaye! ;D There's just so much to see in their website, I'm actually looking at the costumes seller, who doesn't have high minimum order quantity. ;D


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