❤ Pampers Salutes Moms This Mother’s Day…The Great Babies’ Day Out! ❤

Pampers, The Medical City (TMC), Hobbes & Landes, Gymboree, The Picture Company & The Spa treated Moms, Babies, other family members, and the media guests, to a  Celebratory Lunch of Motherhood! 😀 
Motherhood is a 24 hour profession and everyday is a Mother’s Day! 😀 “Aye! Aye Captain!” Yay, that’s my son, Chase, finally agreeing to it! ;-D Luckily, I’m able to convince him that after our momentous Mother’s Day Sunday, I can still enjoy unlimited privileges…no fighting with me, I keep my First boss position when his dad is not at home, bottomless hugs and kisses, and a lot more conditions! He agreed quite reluctantly but with the following provisions…he needs to have a Happy Chase’s Day too for himself, on top of his birthday, and Christmas. And that we call each celebrated days (Mother’s, Dad’s) Happy Everyone’s Day! 😀 Surely, I have to totally agree with him!!! Every moment is a time to celebrate love in the family! ❤ Thankfully, I was blessed to be a part of this celebration of love in Pampers’ Salutes Moms Campaign Launch held at Galleria Crowne Plaza.
Mommy Vina Morales, Pampers Active Baby Ambassador, shares the regal joys of motherhood with other mommy/baby teams also in attendance during the event. 😀
I love to call this event as a a great Babies’ Day Out! ;-D The mommy and babies moments are truly priceless! Surprisingly, we barely had a fussy baby in attendance. Attaboys! Attagirls!✌ We have a bunch of smart babies indeed! They seemed to know the topics in discussion are all about them. 
  • The presentation of Dr. Jacqeueline O. Navarro, a developmental and behavioral Pediatrician of The Medical City (TMC), on importance of optimal sleep in overall baby’s growth and development. 
  • The importance of Play (Yay! The babies must be cheering on this the most! ;-P) and having age appropriate toys by Ms. Marietes Gangcuangco, Assistant Marketing Manager of Hobbes and Landes.  I went home bringing a Playmobil Catalogue that were given out during the event. Playmobils are sold at the Build City of Hobbes and Landes, my son went on and on how he needs to save several thousands of pesos to be able to buy of them. Oh well! 😀 
The Sleep Sheep on the Go provides comforting and soothing sounds to calm babies to sleep when traveling. Available on Hobbes and Landes. 
  • Experts in Early Childhood Development Gymboree Play & Music also shared some mom-and-baby activities to further help spur infant development the fun way, playtime! 😀 Teacher Kat Maranas lead the live session on Mirror Tummy Time, and other sensory exploration activities incorporating songs and games. Gymboree espouses programs that help provide children with age appropriate holistic growth, which could be facilitated as early as infancy. 
Teacher Kat of Gymboree shows a mom and baby playtime activity. 😀
  • On Infant Skin Care, and the importance of choosing the right diaper at this early stage given that the two most common skin care problems are cradle cap and diaper dermatitis by Dr. Maria Lourdes H. Palmero of TMC. This topic is really close to my heart since we have to battle out a case of cradle cap ourselves. Through a live demonstration, Dr. Palmero shows how Pampers can remains dry throughout several wetness. A dry and clean diaper area can help prevent diaper rash.
The live Pampers Dryness Challenge shows how Pampers can remain dry and absorbs faster. 😀
  • On Capturing Dad/Mom and Baby Keepsakes by The Picture Company. It’s all about capturing precious moments, and creating priceless keepsakes, with your personal photographers. Ms. Ian Gallinguez, mommy and host of the event, talked about her experience with The Picture Company, how they make the photo sessions truly stress and hassle free. Hmmm, it kinda hit me though because my son now is not one of the welcoming photo subject. I have to like say endless conditions and threats to make him keep still and keep a good smile.;-P haha! Oh well! I must need The Picture Company, too bad I wasn’t able to get any of the raffled gift certificates. 
Mommy’s Lil Superhero, Yawning Moment…Priceless! 😀
  • Moms also need their me-time to be at their best so Tha Spa gave their take on post-pregnancy pampering by Ms. Andrea Dumangcas, Marketing Manager of The Spa. Being the massage junkie that we are (I and my son Chase) and how I dream of that pearly white, flawless skin much like my Korean Drama Actress Idols, I truly took my time to take notes on this subject! ;-D Haha! The keywords on radiantly glowing skin are exfoliate and moisturize! On the higher note, it’s all about moms feeling good and looking good at the same time. Happy Moms mean Happy Babies, and  vice versa! ;-D 
Ms. Dumangcas said that ” Your baby responds to your emootions…so looking and feeling good will benefit not only you but your baby as well.”
  • At the middle of it all is a quality tested brand and product to reinforce Happy Moms, and Happy Babbies Moments 😀 … Pampers Stages Diapers
Pampers Stages Diapers are designed to encourage baby’s development for his changing needs at every stage. 😀
Mommy Vina Morales, Pampers Active Baby Ambassador, and Daughter Ceano enjoy uninterrupted playtime thanks to Pampers Active Baby. 😀

To complement the celebratory mood, we were treated to a gastronomic lunch experience  at Crowne Plaza Galleria.

    Sumptuous Lunch Buffet at Crowne Plaza. Yum! ♨…Love the Fresh Fruit Pavlova and  Cream, and the Choco-Pistachios Dipped Breadsticks. I wish my son, Chase, was here to enjoy these sweet treats! 😀
    And there’s more…goody bags and raffle prizes from the different partners were given out to guests! ;-D Sadly, luck wasn’t on me that time, I didn’t win any. To begin with, I might be needing a miracle to win cause I realized that I didn’t drop my raffle entry. ;-P haha ✌ But hold on…this was just actually the beginning of giving out prizes, loots, and goodies because for every Php 1000 worth of purchase of Pampers, moms can choose from a menu of exciting offers and discounts from other campaign partners. Visit here for more details on how to avail discounts. 😀
    Watch out for the Pampers Salutes Moms kicking off May 19, 2011 on the Pampers’ Facebook Page. 😀
    P.S. I’m happy to be a part of this event. 😀 I kinda feel a personal bond with most of the campaign partners simply because I used to sell Pampers myself, haha :-D, since I used to work as a Major Account Manager for a P&G distributor in South Luzon and in GMA. We’re also holders of TMC (The Medical City) Plus Card,  because my son is a TMC baby himself, and then because of those quite unfortunate hospitalizations, that we were able to qualify to avail of the card. But it’s great getting those TMC mommies and babies together, I wish we had those before.  Like Ms. Ian Gallinguez, a proud mommy herself, and who did a great job in hosting the event, mainly because of her several first hand experiences with most of the partners, I could go on endlessly on talking about them too. And then, I also met several mommy bloggers, thanks to Mommy Jo and Mommy Glenda for showing me around. ;-D

    Chic & Sassy Mom makes it to the Pampers Salutes Moms Campaign Launch! ❤ it! 😀 

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