Dolling Up my Pretty Eyes ❥

Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara 😀

My eyes are actually not on the spectacular side…I wear glasses. I stopped curling my eye lashes because I get all red eyed after. My son has potentially even longer lashes than mine. I’m even the odd one out in our family of three with my hubby and son having chinky eyes! ✌ But thankfully so with this recent great buy by Maybelline, I can say, “I’ll be there in my red stilettos!” ;-D

Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara is at 30% (now at Php 250) with the ongoing May 2011 Fashion Week in SM Mall of Asia. Yay! ;-D

It’s actually timely because I just finished (finally!) my mascara. The catchy stiletto title got me! I so wanted to wear stilettos, but I could get klutzy most of the times, so for my safety,  I try to veer away from them. haha ;-D Hmm…I’m still new to raving about make ups so please bear with my photo documentation. I’m using my MacBook’s Photo booth.

After successfully lining my eyes, I applied the mascara to my right eye. I meant to show the dramatic lengthening effect and difference.
Now with both eyes with mascara. ;-D 

Dolling up my eyes can pretty much me a challenge to me because I just learned to use liquid eyeliner! I failed miserably before, so I decided to stick to the conventional pencil eye liners. Until I get hold of great eye make up removers in the name of Skin Food, that I decided to give it a 2nd try. Anyway I can just erase them easily! ;-D It’s pretty messy at first going through the process of applying liquid eyeliners. And then after watching You Tube’s how to session, I finally got it, well almost right! 😀 I used Avon’s Liquid Eye liner. It’s pretty affordable and worth the risk just in case I will not use it again. The “wand” is actually long and flexible, much like how they described how it should be in the application tutorial. So far, so good! Now off to the mascara application and effect…

  • It’s easy to apply, with easy sweep, the dramatic lengthening effect can be seen!
  • It so easy to wear, much like a sheer effect, there’s no visible clumping, my lashes appears to be lush, more defined and separated. 
  • Most of all, all that great lengths and the truly stiletto effect, without the teary and red eyed moments for me. ❥
Since I’m not really going anywhere that needs heavy dolling up, I’m happy with just having my eyes lined and lashes enhanced for my already eye popping look. ;-D 

Me, with my fresh out of BB look, and simple eye make up! ;-D
I’m all dolled up (kind of ;-D) and ready to hit the mall! ;-D 
I’m wearing Skin Food BB Cream, then I dabbed on Sweet Potato Cushion Pact Powder for a more velvety feel. With a touch of blush, and lip gloss! I’m all set! ;-D 

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