Countdown to my 1st Blogversary ❤

As my of way of thanking everyone for unceasingly supporting me in my creative writing endeavor, I’m planning my Celebratory Thanksgiving 1st Blogversary Giveaway. Although, it might not be as flashy as I dreamed it to be (oh well, one can always wish for grand things! ;-D), I’ll still be giving out great stuff that I personally purchased, and truly worked hard to get (hint: Entrecard Credits! ✌). And also I’m still hoping for more promotional items that I can still include in my giveaway.  More than anything else, I’m still open to interested sponsors. ;-P Anyhow, it will be a giveaway from the bottom of my heart! ❥

Don’t we all ❤ one!? 😀

I’m also looking to raffling of other goodies such as promotional mugs (I ❤ that you get to think of me during your coffee break even! :-D) or even sets of great personalized notepads for a number of my readers who will join the contests.  A verbatim search for great promotions would lead to Go Promos website, obviously so! ;-D The site offers customized giveaways. Well, I’m dreaming of giving out personalized items spelling out CHIC & SASSY MOM! Wouldn’t it be just nice?! Yay! I ❤! Well, I better be off to my monetizing, window shopping, and shopping pronto!

Please check out my sidebar post for more details! Would ❤ to have you! 😀

The giveaway will hopefully kick off May 26, 2011, a month before my big day. Please do leave me a message for any ideas or suggestions. Cheers!


  1. That's great! I have plenty of unused entrecards credits Can I gift some to you as your birthday gift? Seriously..( let me know how I can transfer )


  2. Thanks everyone for the visit! 🙂 I hope not to disappoint on my next giveaways! ;)@Meadowly: Wow, supe thanks for the offer! I will contact entrecard about it since they facilitated giving and raffling off entrecard credits. I will drop by your site once I have the details! 🙂


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