Christening & Birthday Bash at John’s Kitchen ♨

Baptismal Baby Bear Cake and Cupcakes with Baby Designs Toppers!  Nice! 😀

On a surprisingly rainy Monday, we happily joined the double family celebration of my son’s godparent, Chef John of John’s Kitchen. It’s for his sons, Seb’s Christening (my hubby is a godparent), and Zac’s 2nd Birthday. The celebratory dinner was held at John’s Kitchen. It’s truly a blessing to be part of several family’s cherished moments. Yay! 😀

Rock Star Birthday Cake! ❤ it! 😀 

I look forward to this affair as well because I can’t wait to taste what John’s Kitchen prepared for his guests. ;-D Also, I wanted to see how they would set up the place for small banquets. It was a cozy restaurant to begin with. I had my recent birthday celebration there, but I initially wanted to hold an intimate party, but decided otherwise. So it’s welcoming to know that now we have another option for dinner party venues.

Party Set-up at John’s Kitchen
Fully covered dining area at John’s Kitchen

Thankfully the roofing of the used to be alfresco dining area was timely installed because it was suddenly rainy, after several sunny days. Blessings! ;-D

Simple and homey yet elegant Salad Bar…hmm, methinks I can do this too in my future parties! ;-P 
John’s Kitchen Cherry Pie topped with almonds! Yay! ;-D
John’s Kitchen Apple Pie! Sweet! ;-D 

The food was great, as always! ;-D It seemed that I was starving since I saved my self this dinner treat the whole day that I forgot to take pictures of the main courses! The desserts and the cakes are not only pretty, but also tasty! 😀 Congratulations to John’s Kitchen for this another successful feat! Cheers! 

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