Waiting at NAIA Terminal 1 ✌

Welcoming Bangkok International Airport! ;-D

Last Saturday, I went to pick up my hubby from his London Trip, where his last stop was Bangkok. He talks fondly of the BKK airport, and from there alone, he decided that we had to see the rest of Thailand! ✌

NAIA Terminal 1 Waiting Area

Going back, it was my first time after two years to visit NAIA Terminal 1, since we usually go by Terminal 2. The airport houses so many emotions. Personally, I love being in the arrivals’ area. There’s just full of happiness in that area. The anticipation and then the reunion invoke so much ❤.  ;-D I came in a bit earlier, so I decided to stay at the waiting area. The supposedly air-conditioned area is housing vintage AC units. The only cooled area is right in the middle. This is probably an understatement, or is it just me, our Terminal 1 airport so needs a makeover!!! Hello! We need more of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 standards to serve as our portals to the world.  Surely, there’s so much to see in the Philippines than this, but the airport is our gateway to the world, we really need to do something about Terminal 1! I hope they work out the issues… FAST! Oh well!

Finally, my hubby arrived! 😀 His bringing some kind of a plastic bag, which I thought was a painting or museum souvenir of some sort, he asked me to open it. Voila! It’s a Longchamp Modele Depose from the 2011 Spring Collection for me! I ❤! Happy Mom’s Day to me! ;-D Please join me again for more of my Mom’s Day presents. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day weekend, as I did! Cheers! ;-D

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