New Finds: Nova Multigrain Cookies ❥

New Jack N’ Jill Nova Multigrain Cookies with Fiber
Quickly sharing this with you…from the makers of Jack ‘n Jill Nova Multigrain Chips, that sort of allows me to have guilt free snacking, comes another healthier spin off to their multigrain snack lines, the New Nova Multigrain Cookies with Fiber. I’m a fiber junkie, so this one’s definitely for me! 😀

I got it from my friend who’s a distributor of URC products, lucky me! 😀 It’s actually good! 😀 My hubby, who could well be a top notch food critic with his picky eating habits, said that it could be one of the better alternative for those imported and commercial oatmeal cookie brands. Believe me when I say that 20 single packs of those, was finished in less than 48 hours. It appealed to all of us in the family, from my mom, dad, my brother, my hubby, my nephew, and my son. 😀 My son even dipped it on milk. Yummy and twice the health goodness! ✌ So please watch out for it in leading supermarkets nationwide. 😀 
P.S. I have an ongoing giveaway just in case you haven’t checked it out!

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