Facebook Spam: My Top Profile Viewers

Curiosity got the cat!!! Hmmm…I’ve been receiving invites to join this event to know my FB profile viewers, I’ve been ignoring it, until today! I saw most status are about those…so I tried!!! And my home page was a mess!!! I had to delete each one of them via the recipients or mentions. Sorry! I hope that’s the end of it!

Sorry…I’m spamming!!! 

It totally is a spam because, all of the names randomly mentions my FB friends, and shows the times they supposedly viewed my profile. But the counts are the same across posts and names, 436 views, 83 views, 42 views, 30 views. I got spammed by following the link below… 😦

Profileviewerz is a SPAM!!!

Please…share this post! Let us see the end of it!!!


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