I THOR-oughly ❤ Chris Hemsworth! :D

I’m giving my two cents worth of Thor the movie. Because I truly just can’t get enough of it! 😀 I know it won’t be shown in the US until May 6, so I will try to avoid spilling spoilers (oh well as if the net is not buzzing about it :-D). But, remember you have to stay post credits, because much like the previous Iron Man movies, an exciting movie teaser awaits you. ✌

Thor and Jane Foster
We watched it in 3D. It was totally worth it. We THORoughly enjoyed it! 😀 I feel like I’m watching Lord of the Rings, The Clash of the Titans, classic Marvel Superhero movies, and a bit of a romantic comedy movie (of some sort :-D), all at the same time. I’m not an expert movie critic, but if this is what Kenneth Branagh brings as a director, I’m certainly hoping to see more of his work. And I want more Marvel Superhero Movies with Thor in it!!!
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Chris Hemsworth is totally within my radar now considering I haven’t seen him in any movie yet until this! Chris is it! 😀 Talk about fitness junkie at his finest! ;-P He totally nailed his role as Thor. His character development at first as the eager all powerful ruler to be succeeding his father Odin’s throne, to the transformed gallant knight, to a well bred royalty and gentleman that he truly is,  and then ultimately to a kickass super hero, tell us of how potentially big of an actor he can be!  Yahoo! I can’t wait to see more of him in Avengers. 😀
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster
I love Natalie Portman! She’s such a versatile actress. It’s nice to see her doing romantic comedy roles, because she can be a great as a plain Jane, but who gets to be the Cinderella in the end. She’s brings fun and wit in playing Jane Foster, the astrophysicist. Although, their love story is subtly presented, but their chemistry is so great that I wanted to learn so much more how their story will unfold. This makes me wish for more earth scenes between Thor/Donald Blake and Jane. Pretty please indulge us. I hope she reprises her role as Jane Foster should there be a Thor sequels beside The Avengers. And please let Thor and Jane find their way back to each amidst everything that they had to go through much like in the Marvel Comics. 
Thor will not disappoint! 😀
Personally, Thor offers a bit of perfection to everything about how a Super Hero movie should be! I’m tired of watching an overly emotional and sensitive lead character that brings so much drama !!! I have enough Korean drama lead actors who are just those (but still handsome and adorable! :-D) to last me a lifetime! ✌ There’s a great potential in furthering the love triangle angle among Thor, Jane, and Sif played by Jaime Alexander, in coming sequels should there be. Sif plays the Goddess of war. Oh well! She rocks as the only girl among Thor’s posse. Rene Russo, as Thor’s lovable and adorable stepmom, is a nice addition to the cast. As always, Anthony Hopkins, as Daddy Odin to Thor, always bring it as an actor! And then we have a super villain, Loki, who I just can’t wait to die, tells us that we have a winning ensemble in the house. Hmmm…I think I said enough (for the mean time) about my ravings for this film. Please do let me know what you think too! 😀 

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