Lent 2011: Visita Iglesia around Angeles City

Part of the Maundy Thursday observance is the Visita Iglesia. It is visiting Churches. As practiced, we visit 7 Churches or Parishes, which have altars made especially, and designed elaborately for the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.  It follows the Holy Thursday Last Supper Rites Commemoration. Usually, the churches will be dark, and covers the image of the Risen Christ, and the Crucifix. Only the Blessed Sacrament Alter will be illuminated with candles. The Visita Iglesia is rooted in solemn prayer, devotion, and penance.  The flock of families doing the Visita Iglesia shows that the tradition is still very much alive. 
“Pisamban Maragul” Grand Church of Holy Rosary Parish Angeles City
Our Lord’s Transfiguration Parish of  L&S Subdivision, Angeles City

This is Chase’s first adventure. It’s also his first time to visit some of the Churches. I’ve been told that if it’s your fist time to visit a Church, you can actually make a wish, hence, making the quest of exploring “new” Churches all the more exciting. I told Chase, that aside from praying, he can even make wishes! What an even greater blessing this adventure holds for him! 😀  Sadly, my hubby can’t join us since he was not feeling well, but I have him in my prayer as always. 😀
San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish of Dau, Mabalacat Pampanga
 Thankfully, we we’re able to visit 7 Churches by going to the farthest first. San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish is along the Dau NLEX Exit. It would appear to be out of the way, and not on the main streets, so there were lesser Church goers. 
Our Lady of Victory Parish of Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga along McArthur Hi-way
Immaculate Conception Parish of Sta. Maria, Balibago, Angeles City
Holy Spirit Parish of Marisol Village, Angeles City
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish of Lourdes Sur East, Angeles City
Holy Rosary Parish Sto Rosario, Angeles City
We made it! 😀 Thank You Lord! We are looking forward for more coming Church visits! 😀 Keep the Faith! Have a Blessed Day! 

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