Hmmm…Fender Bender at EDSA Guadalupe Bridge ☹

Hmmm, sadly we had a fender bender mishaps last night just when we’re about to head home to Pampanga from Manila. Tsk, tsk…rush hour traffic along EDSA + 3 car fender bender = Major HASSLE !!!

3 Car Fender Bender along EDSA 😦

Not a great ending to our almost perfect vacay! We arrived Tuesday night from Iloilo, wherein we had another great flight time with Airphilexpress (You’re spoiling us yet again! ❤) Then had a sleep over at St. Giles, which my son lovingly referred to this experience as fancy living! 😀 …and sadly this!!!

Oh well, accidents do happen! I feel sad for my hubby who had to take care all of this, the hassle of going to the police station, paying Php 200 for “official” photos, insurance claiming, the works! With this being a company car, I truly appreciate having a comprehensive auto insurance. Be safe everyone!

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