✈ Leaving on an AirphilExpress Jet Plane via Iloilo’s New International Airport

Iloilo Cabatuan-Sta. Barbara International Airport

Our Iloilo’s vacay was over a few days ago. It means air travel again with my son. As expected, I was actually quite expert on traveling alone with my son, we did it on several trips, even on our last year’s MNL to SFO trip. Basically, it means that I have to make sure that I can carry all our allowable baggages, especially for our hand carried items. Thank goodness for my abled flabby arms (haha!;-P), no worries, I can carry 2 heavy backpacks with my Mac on one of them, and my purse. We made a good use of the 15kg per passenger free baggage allowance of AirphilExpress…flying in to Iloilo, we’re at 17 kg. total, flying out at 26 kg. Those additional goodies are well-loved Iloilo’s goodies (Angelina Buttered Toast, Rgies Butterscotch, and more).

Restaurants inside Iloilo New Airport
JD Bakeshop inside Iloilo New Airport
Snacks at JD is very affordable! 😀 Children’s Classic Spaghetti, Seafood Ramen, Fresh Lumpia ( Must Try!), and Carrot Cake Total Meal for only Php 160++. Nice! 😀

The airport was actually full to think it was a Tuesday Night, we actually followed the 2 hour local lead time prior to the flight just to make sure we get good seats in the plane and avoid the rush. True enough, Airphil Express didn’t disappoint again, this time we got Row 4 seats. And a treat to Chase & I to have photo opportunities with the pilots inside the plane cockpit! Oh! Airphil Express, you’re truly spoiling us!  ✌

Chase with the Airphil Express Pilots! How grand! 😀
The friendly flight attendant insisted that I join the photo opportunity too! Why not! ? ;-P
So Long…Iloilo! ;-D
My Hubby’s Aerial Shot of Iloilo! ;-D

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