I ❤ AVON…Multi-purpose Jewelry Organizer ;-D

Being in Iloilo with Nans (my mother in law), means unlimited access to Avon Products! Yay! Some for free, and some, for payment later! haha 😀 In most Visayas outlets, their book/brochure is advance by a month. So they are actually on May 1- 15 book today. I can’t help but to hoard more purses, pouches, and organizers! But I guess, this one sort of make sense! ✌

Avon Multi-purpose Jewelry Organizer Php 199 for every Php 299 purchase! 😀
Yes! I’m on vacay, and I’m bringing all those accessories! 😀 I  ❤ Turquoise!
Thank goodness for this Avon Organizer, my precious are all tidied up! 😀 

Join me on more of my AVON finds…so much to buy, to try, and to share! 😀


  1. Love that product of Avon, Des. I have lots of accessories, mostly made by me so I really need something like that. Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for visiting, following and leaving a comment in my blog, that usually have post updates about Kate Middleton fashion. I just love the princess-to-be. 🙂


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