Boracay Summer 2011 at Crystal Sand

Kicking off our summer vacation is a visit to our sunny & sandy Boracay. We never tires of this beautiful island. There’s simply so much to do, much to see, and so much to eat! haha! ;-P

Colorful Boracay Souvenirs. Ref Magnets for 3/4/7 for Php100 depending on the kinds or designs. Love the Tribal/Polynesian Inspired handicrafts, beads, trinkets and more. πŸ™‚

This time around, I will share with you more of the sights, colors, and food that I didn’t cover in our previous sunkissed fun adventure at Boracay.

View from the beach fronting Crystal Sand Boracay at Station 2.

For this visit, we stayed in Crystal Sand at Station 2. It’s one of your ever reliable beachfront accommodation. The hotel offers basic luxuries to the guests… bed, bath with hot & cold showers, a/c room, change of beddings and towels, and personal ref with mini-bar. Β Although its facilities are not as updated (my hubby stayed there 9 years ago, and everything looks the same), and they don’t boasts of a bed that meets US Chiropractic standards, nonetheless Crystal sand still beats all of those new fancy rising hotels all over the place because only few lucky hotels can be truly referred as beach front. And Crystal Sand is one certified beach front accommodation located at the ❀ of Station 2, and Station 2 is IT!!!Β Β In fairness to the hotel, their customer service is still remarkable. πŸ˜€

Rm 203 is bigger than the Rm 201 beachfront view (above with red curtains). Most if not all rooms have own veranda/terrace. Hotel’s Reception Area & Dining Hall. Yay! The view behind us is the picturesque Boracay Beach! πŸ˜€

Mind you, the beachfront hotels in Station 2 regardless of how they are in & out, charge a relatively higher rate. From experience, the online rates (from Agoda, Hotels.com etc.) Β are competitively priced. You can really get a good deal, although they tend to be volatile and in limited rooms and dates. So if you’re decided you can actually consider online booking. And if there is none available, try booking or calling directly the hotel, which we did for Crystal Sand. The view and dedicated beach beds don’t come cheap! πŸ˜›

Overall, hats off to the view and location of Crystal Sand. But if it’s really not your first time in the island, and you are already familiar and have developed favorite spots (like my swimming spot is in Station 1 near Jonah’s), I realized how I truly love Microtel Boracay for the comfort that it offers. Especially that I have Chase with us, where in we can’t really enjoy long & sunny walks by the beach or around D’Mall. The free shuttle of Microtel is a big help, vs. paying for a shuttled Tricycle ride between D’Mall and Station 1 (Php 20-50 per trip).

So here’s some more sights, and things to do, and things to buy in Boracay Island…

Aye Aye Captain! Boracay Dragon Boats. πŸ˜€
Boracay is a haven for budding painters & henna/real tattoo artists. Other recreational activities can be found within the D’Mall located in Station 2. That’s my henna anklet tattoo. πŸ˜€
Handmade Jewelry Bead Sets in My Basket Php 700++. Flower Power Hair Accents. Swimwear by Paulo Collection.

♨ Gastronomy at its best in Boracay Islands…

You’ll never go hungry in Boracay! Again, worth naming are my all-time favorites Smoked & Jonah’s. Oh by the way, Jonah’s Army Navy Sandwich is to die for! I wasn’t able to take picture of it though. If you’re having a hard time deciding which restaurant to try, your ever reliable fast food choices ofΒ Mang InasalΒ or Andok’s are conveniently located at the heart of D’Mall. Β This time though, we were able to try other restaurants, and enjoyed a great deal of dedicated dessert time! Sweet! ✌

Mongolian Grill Buffet Php 275/pax at Sun Village Central. Totally worth it! 2 bowls were enough to keep me satiated! ♨
Manila’s Bite Club is now in Boracay! I got Bombarella (1/2 pounder burger with mozarella) for Php 225. No Frills, but tasty Chicken Cordon Bleu at Shena’s Resort Php 125+. Sizzling Pork Belly at Red Coconut.

Halowich is Filipino’s Halo-Halo with a style because it uses fresh fruits and the shaved ice has flavors! πŸ˜€ Got us trying because we saw a guided tourist group marveled at it. I recommend the classic vanilla flavored shaved ice vs. the mango flavored, . πŸ˜€Β 
Aria’s Gelato Italian Ice Cream Php 90/scoop πŸ˜€Β 

Cheers to another memorable Boracay Summer! ;-D

I hope you’ll enjoy Boracay as much as we do! Bon Voyage! Enjoy Summer! πŸ˜€

Contact Details:Β 
Crystal Sand Beach Resorts, Inc.Β 
Balabag, Boracay Island, Philippines
Email: crstalsnd@globelines.com.ph
Tel No.: 63 36 288 3149
Cell No: 63 9228808904


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