Iloilo Summer 2011…Swim & Snack Time at Hotel Del Rio ❤

Happy April Fools’ Day! I wish you all have a good laugh today! 😀 …we sure did! We’re back from our Pond and Boracay adventure. Today is actually our first “regular” day of our 12 remaining days in Iloilo. We decided to enroll Chase in a 12-session swimming lessons in Hotel del Rio just to really have his hands full with fun and memorable things to do during his summer vacation.

At first, he had a hard time parting with his ever loyal and dependent Speedo swim vest, it took him a while to get to the hang of using a kickboard. And he’s doing so well after two sessions…he loves it! Way to go Chase!

Chase got too excited, he bumped his precious nose, we had to ice it! And then…Official Swim Time begins! Yay!

While he’s out there in the pool, having fun, burning calories, and all, well…we’re indulging in another gastronomic treat. ♨ Here’s snacks today…Yum!

French Deluxe a.k.a. Army Navy (Boracay Jonah’s version) Php 150++. Triple Decker Sandwich in Cream Cheese Sauce. Yum! 😀

Del Rio’s Special Php P145++. 5 pieces (Cheese, Tuna, Ham, Egg, & Bacon) rolled loaf bread. 
There’s so much to tell, so much to see, and so many more calories to gain (haha)! ;-P Please join me again on more of our summer fun times here in Iloilo. Cheers! 😀

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