Yay! ✈ Airphil Express is it! Ongoing Seat Sale at Php 100 ++! ✌

Happy Monday! Greetings from Iloilo City. 😀 Our summer vacation is taking off just nicely. I couldn’t help though but to rave more about our Airphil Express flight last Saturday. It seemed sweeter this time around…we got ROW 2 seats! Nice eh! 😀 It seemed trivial, but to a mommy me traveling alone with my 5 year old son, Chase, with 4 hand carried items (purse, laptop bag, baby bag, and 2 dozens Krispy Cremes) that I had to carry all by myself, to be seated that nicely & grandly if I may say so (haha! feeling first class!) was…oh! well, we must be truly blessed! Thank You Very Much! ✌

Inside Airphil Express New Airbus. View from Row 2…This is how close as we’ve gotten to Mr. Pilot! ;-D
Row 2!!!Yay!…could be trivial to most, but not to a mommy traveling with a kid, thank goodness! We’re even paying promo fare…must be truly blessed! ✌

Although, our flight was delayed for 30 minutes, I appreciate though how conscious the airline staff  that they tried to make the boarding as swift and as flawless as possible. It makes the hassle less irritating if you see them recognizing it and were trying to make up for it, instead of just some taking their time still. As always, the new airbus of Airphil Express is always a welcome treat. And then we’re off to la la land as Chase & I dozed off the whole flight time.

My son while waiting for our flight. I love how Terminal 3 has convenient outlets in every gates. The restrooms, and the food/convenience stores are also well located each gate. 

Well…on with more good news, Airphil Express is actually having an ongoing seat sale! We just booked our flight for our 2012 Iloilo visit. All three of us (hubby, Chase & I) for only Php 1395. Yay!

That’s it for me today…will be off to Boracay tomorrow to Thursday. Be “write” back asap!

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