Johnson’s Baby Presko Play Launch at Market Market

March 26, 2011– Johnson’s Baby officially welcomes summer with the kickoff of their Presko Play Campaign at the Promenade of Market Market, The Fort. It was celebrated with much fanfare… press coverage, media launch (which I was a part of, as one of the invited blogger from Nuffnang), celebrity participation, and Futkal training session, which was the highlight event for the day. Kids truly had the time of their life in playing their hearts out while still staying fresh, feeling cool, and smelling good all through out their outdoor playtime by using Johnson’s Baby Products.

Johnson’s Presko Play Launch Summer 2011

The Futkaleros joined in the Johnson’s Presko Play Kickoff Activity
Main Stage Area and Futkal TrainingArea. Freshen Up with your favorite Johnson’s Baby Products on the Presko Play Station.  Play the classic games with hula hoops, chinese garters, relays etc. at the Play Area. Get recharge at the Chocolate drink booth. 😀
Mr. JC Garcia, Sr. Brand Mgr. of J&J officially opening the event at the Trellis Restaurant Lunch for the media. Enjoy summer with J&J’s Cooling Powder, Johnson’s Baby Bath, Johnson’s Summer Swing Baby Cologne, & Johnson’s Baby Wipes. With some of the Kids from Going Bulilit joining the Futkaleros and enjoying Presko Play as well. 😀
And for the hero event, the real treat for the kids…
♥ Learn & Play Futkal – “Football sa Kalye” or Street Soccer
Meet the Futkaleros – get to know them better via the movie Happyland! ☺
♥ Dance and Train with the Futkaleros
Meet The Futkaleros, headed by founder Mr. Peter Amores. The Futkaleros doing their thing…the dance, the sports, and the artistic display of footworks (shown on screen). 😀 

With the Azkals being a hit asian (hmm…worldwide?) 🙂 sensation, and even most of the players getting a sort of idol status in terms of fan supports (I ❤ Phil Younghusband! haha), Futkal promises to be the next big thing alongside basketball, and other popular Philippine’s local outdoor games.

Kids having a try on Futkal. Futkaleros and their “Footyrobics” with the Kids from Going Bulilit joining in. 😀 

The event brought back fond memories from my childhood. I used to remember spending my playtime outdoor playing hula hoops, PatinteroLuksong Tinik (Thorn Hurdles), outdoor Hide & Seek (Taguan), Chinese Garter, and even street football. My son only knows Hide & Seek, which he only plays inside the house. His time is spent alternately between playing computers, and watching cable kids’ channels. And believe me, if without limit, the shows among them could be enough to keep them glued to the television the whole day. And then when we head to the mall, he only knows of your new age day care/play center and the amusement centers.Tsk tsk…that seriously needs to change NOW!!!

So I am now one with Johnson’s advocacy of letting our kids spend time outdoors. The physical activity in children reaps so much more benefits both short term and long term…talk about development on gross motor skills, social and interpersonal skills, and good sportsmanship. Without worrying on the sweaty “uncool” feel & smell, with Johnson’s Baby products (Baby Wipes, Cooling Powder & Summer Swing Cologne) partnering with moms to care for those concerns. The city living could well take its toll on the limited playing area, no worries, a visit to the beach or public parks could well bring happy outdoor playtime for our kiddos. So summer is here, and we say…Bring it on!

“Para laging presko play, mag Johnson’s all day!”

ChicSassyMom Des & Chase enjoying Johnson’s Presko Play! I even dressed for the occasion! ;-P Summer ❤! ✌ 

P.S. Presko Play doesn’t end here. Johnson’s Baby will continue to spread their advocacy for the importance of outdoor play by going to different barangays in the country. Futkal workshop and training will also be part of the event. 


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