Hola! Lunch at Zapata’s Cantina Mexicana Philippines (Updated) ♨

Zapata’s Main Course: Enchilada Del Norte with Mexi-Rice and Baraccho Beans Php200+ ($4.5+) …Mighty Meaty Dish! ☺ 
Zapata’s Dining Area

Hola! ✌ Here’s lunch today…a visit to Zapata’s Cantina Mexicana in Angeles City. Yummy! ✌  This is actually the new home of the relaunched Zapata’s Restaurant, which is now called Iguana’s, but still highlights and serves Zapata’s famous authentic Mexican dishes.

Zapata’s Tortilla Soup Php 90 

We started off our meal with the Tortilla Soup, they happily obliged us in splitting it in two. 😀 Basically, it’s your classic tortilla soup….reminded me of eating the Granny Goose Tortilla chips.

Zapata’s Quesadilla Php 145+

A gastronomic mexican adventure wouldn’t be complete without having quesadilla! We got the no frills choice of just the cheese, onions & jalapenos. It’s actually a better choice because it balanced the Enchiladas Del Norte we also got since the main course had so much meat in it…think corned beef (generous portions of soft strands of beef) with Mexican twist and feel. ♨

Zapata’s Tacos Php 160+

We couldn’t passed on the chance on trying out the Tacos too. It’s your classic tacos, only meatier and this time cheesier! 😀

Updates: I’m craving for some burritos, so visited again. 😀

For less than Php 300 for all of these…super like!!! It’s a combination meal with burrito, enchilada, and taco, good enough for sharing! 

I guess this is one restaurant that doesn’t include commercialization in their credo just yet, which is actually great! Hats off! Lucky us! We only paid around Php 600 ($14+) for everything, and even shared the bill, so this is really a true value for money!  I sort of miss the extra cheese though in the Enchilada, which I used to have in the more commercialized Mexican Restos, think Mexicali in SM Megamall! 😀 … and then also missed some of the extra calories from the sour cream dip or guacamole, which the enchilada or quesadilla didn’t have. Other than those, we’re happy and stuffed diners! And well, from the looks of the other diners, both locals and tourists, for authentic Mexican Cuisine Restaurant, Zapata’s offers a great gastronomic reprieve in the city!

Angeles City’s Iguana’s Cantina Mexicana Philippines (Formerly Zapata’s)

Iguana’s (formerly Zapata’s) is located to 50 Meliton Road, Angeles City, Pampanga. It is still along Clark Perimeter Road.


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