Random Thoughts:❤ My Day Today ❤

Yay! Time flies…in a kinda surreal but nice way! Surreal because it pains me to think about Japan, and that today is actually the 9th day since the passing of a dear family member. Sadly so, my son, Chase, has also caught the flu bug. It’s cycle of breaking his fever with Tempra and sponge bath, Solmux Broncho, Nebulizer, and Co-Amoxiclav. And then, there’s my constant daily worries. But it is still nice, because there’s always the hope of tomorrow, and the chance to make things right. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” With fervor, I believe that God knows Best, All the Time! 😀 Today is also St. Patrick’s Day…which makes it a day of celebration and feasting! Cheers! 

So how’s my day today? It’s actually going well, so far, so good. Thank You Very Much! ✌
  • Today, we dropped by at Chase’s school for a quick, last day practice before their recognition day tomorrow. I’ve been treated with delightful and stellar performance by the kids of Preschoolville, and I can’t wait to share how it would be like on the big day. 😀
    I ❤ Autumn’s Concerto!…best Taiwanese Drama Ever! 😀
  • And then…while Chase gets his fill of Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nick, I do Asian Drama reruns.Yes, my no. 2 (and counting) for this drama! ;-p For my drama loving pals, if you haven’t seen Autumn’s Concerto, you just have to start watching it NOW! 😀 I have LSS (last song syndrome) with one of the song in the OST, I Love Him…hmm, if only I can actually speak the words! Oh well, I’ve lived for Korean Drama OST, what else is new? ;-P
  • And then, there’s my blog hopping via Entrecard. It’s my first month to take it very seriously, I ❤ how I met so many new bloggers in various categories. I would be sharing my results pretty soon. It seems promising though. I’m actually finalizing my inbound drops so I can give due thanks to my loyal visitors. ;-D For the past week, visits from Entrecard are actually leading my referral statistics. 

  • Being St. Patrick’s Day today (train of thought Pot of Gold, Rainbows etc.) …I live you a soulful song, which sort of uplifted me today while blog hopping…Rainbow Connection by Sarah McLachlan. ;-D

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