The Joy of Doing Nothing! ✌

There’s just too much drama over the past few days! Between the passing of a dear friend, and the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami ☹, wherein I received a text message minutes before the M8.9 Friday earthquake from my best friend saying that the earth just wouldn’t stop shaking, who ironically was on a family vacation, and thankfully was able to get a flight back from Japan to Philippines today…talk about stress! Sadly, I’ve been having hard time putting smileys as I usually do on my articles. With much fervor,  I’m hopeful for those coming better days.

As a break for what we’ve been all through over the week, we’re taking time to find joy in doing nothing! 😛 Today is officially a Chillax (Chill + Relax) Sunday! With that in mind, possibilities are endless!

Our New Favorite Game…we’re so addicted to it! 😀
  • We’ve been taking turns playing Plants vs. Zombies 😀

Chase (my 5 year old son) actually recruited me to play. My hubby just forego of his precious Black Ops Xbox Time to play it as well. ;-P Lucky for him, he finished the adventure level. And is now playing the puzzles. I even downloaded the Mac Trial version so I can have a solo playtime. haha! So, it’s actually that fun and addictive. I’m happily letting Chase play because it’s actually a strategy game. So it encourages him to do some serious planning, and practice on his budding reading skills. We actually woke up with him already on it, and singing along with the game soundtrack. 😀

  • Xbox Forevah! 😀
Xbox Kinect Body and Brain Connection…know your brain age! 😀

Of course, since Chase can’t play Plants vs. Zombies since his dad is on it, he happily got a playtime to his dad’s Xbox. We had fun playing the trial version of Body & Brain Connection. With several trials, I finally brought down my brain age to 33 years old…sadly, that’s the closest I can get it to my real age though! ☹ When I tried doing the 2 person mode by myself, I was actually too tired, that xbox even prompted that it seems I’m “too tired and consider taking a break!” haha! Kinect is that smart! ;-P I’m actually looking forward to do the Biggest Loser! Bring it on!

Xbox Kinect The Biggest Loser! Nice! 😀
  • And then, I still have some room for some Dramalovin’ time! I ❤! 😀
Autumn’s Concerto Taiwan Drama: Please click on Image to my ravings  of the drama! 🙂


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